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The wedding of Feyre Archeron and Tamlin was to be the most important social event in the Spring Court after the fall of Amarantha.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

After the fall of Amarantha and Feyre being revived by the seven High Lords of Prythian, Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court proposed to her. After she accepted all the preparations for the wedding began which would be a celebration in a big way that would give talk both in the Court of Tamlin and in the rest of the realms of the Fae.

The ceremony would be presided over by Ianthe, one of the twelve High Priestess of Prythian and a close childhood friend of Tamlin, who had come from her stay in Vallahan. She quickly sought out Feyre's friendship and took over the planning of the wedding as Feyre preferred to delegate decision-making to her due to her lack of enthusiasm for a large celebration and her own problems caused by the trauma that still haunted her since Under the Mountain. With each passing day, Feyre looked more deteriorated both physically and mentally.

The day of the wedding itself was four months after the events of Under the Mountain, and the ceremony was attended by three hundred of the most notable residents of the Spring Court.

When Feyre was heading towards Tamlin dressed in a very ornate dress that she did not like at all, she had a panic attack at the imminent wedding that she was regretting, although not for marrying Tamlin but for thinking that he did not deserve being with someone as broken as she was. Seeing the doubt in her eyes, Tamlin tried to reach her, but when she saw him advance, she stepped back and her thoughts went to Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court, asking someone to save her from that situation. Rhys immediately appeared at the Spring Court and said that he was there to take Feyre to fulfill her end of the bargain they made Under the Mountain, which said that she must spend a week every month with him, and although Tamlin refused to let her go Rhysand took her anyway to save her from a wedding she didn't want.

After returning from her week at the Night Court, the wedding was not spoken of again. When Feyre asked Tamlin to accompany him to check the western sea border closest to Hybern, he denied her request saying it was too dangerous. Tamlin then locked her in his manor against her will. Feyre panicked and surrounded herself with a cocoon of darkness, fire, ice, and wind in which the engagement ring that he had given her melted. Thanks to her bond with Rhys, he realized what was happening and sent his cousin Morrigan to look for Feyre and take her to his Court.


  • Tamlin wanted to marry Feyre even though they weren't mates.
  • Feyre told Tamlin in an intimate moment that she could not handle having a title, and assumed she'd be called a High Lady if she married him. Tamlin explained to Feyre that there is no such title, and wives of High Lords simply are consorts and as such are referred to as "Lady".

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