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The stone houses of the village were ordinary and dull, made grimmer by the bleakness of winter. But it was market day, which meant the tiny square in the center of town would be full of whatever vendors had braved the brisk morning.

Feyre, A Court of Thorns and Roses

This unnamed village is where Feyre Archeron and her family lived at the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses.


Geographically speaking the village is located south of the wall that divides the Mortal Lands from the realm of the faeries of Prythian and two days away from it.


After Feyre's father made bad business and the family fell from grace in society, they were forced to move to a small village of poor people. Once there, Feyre had to go into the woods every day to get food for her family as she had made a promise to her mother on her deathbed and her father, having an injured leg, did not work.

The village had dingy stone houses and the streets were made of earth, so during the winter people had to walk in the mud. There was also a small square where merchants met on market day and it was there that Feyre sold the skins of a wolf and a doe to a mercenary.

The Mandray family also lived in this village, whose head of the family was a woodcutter who beat his wife without any of their children, including Tomas Mandray, doing anything to prevent it. A farmer also lived with his family. The farmer was the best-placed financially and his son, Isaac Hale, had an almost strictly sexual relationship with Feyre.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After realizing that the final battle against Hybern would take place in the mortal lands of southern Prythian, Feyre and Rhysand went to the village to try to convince the residents to allow them to winnow them into Adriata, in the Summer Court. Many believed them and went with them of their own free will but those who refused to go were taken against their will since the alternative was for them to die.

Later, Hybern's army left the village in ruins.

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