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This studio belongs to Feyre Archeron. It is located in the Rainbow of Velaris.


This studio is located in the Rainbow of Velaris, the artists' quarter of the city. During the Hybern attack, much of it was damaged, and the studio was no exception, at the time it belonged to Polina who was among the victims of the attack.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

After the end of the war against Hybern Velaris began the rebuilding process. When Feyre, the High Lady of the court, was walking across the Rainbow on one occasion she saw a studio that had not yet been reconstructed. When she stared at it, a Fae who had her own studio nearby, Ressina, told her that the former owner, Polina, had died and that the family was considering selling the place. She was in charge of cleaning it from time to time since she had been friends with Polina. She told Feyre that if she was interested she could contact the family.

Initially Feyre didn't know if she wanted to buy it or not, but she spent several days painting there. When she finally decided to do so, she visited Polina's family in Dunmere, a town located between Velaris and the sea, but Polina's sister gave her the place as a gift and told her to donate the money to Brush and Chisel, a charity that helped artists in need of funding.

Feyre told Ressina what had happened and asked if she would like to help her on a project that she had in mind. A few months later together they opened a studio there to give painting classes to those who wanted to learn. On the opening day, several children and some of their parents showed up.

The classes were free, as were the materials and soon several artists showed up to help with the lessons as Feyre could only teach one class a day due to her duties as a High Lady and Ressina had to take care of her own studio.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Feyre is painting in her studio when Varian comes running, looking for her because Amren and Nesta Archeron are having an altercation at Amren's apartment.


  • Feyre also has her personal painting studio at the River House that Rhysand built for her.

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