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My mother. Imperious and cold with her children, joyous and dazzling among the peerage who frequented our former estate, doting on my father—the one person whom she truly loved and respected.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Mrs. Archeron is the mother of Nesta, Elain, and Feyre Archeron; a frivolous woman who was married to a man who was in the merchant business, so the family lived in a good financial position. She died of typhus when Feyre was eight before the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses.


At some point in her life, Feyre's mother married a mortal man and gave birth to three daughters: Nesta, Elain, and Feyre.

Mrs. Archeron's father died during the Archeron sisters' childhood and her mother died when Nesta was seven years old.[1]

The family had a wealthy position in society as her husband was a businessman in the merchant industry. As her daughters grew, Mrs. Archeron unevenly divided her love and attention towards them, grooming Nesta to become a powerful woman while barely giving attention to either Elain or Feyre. She believed Nesta was more like herself and wanted her to marry a man of great wealth and prestige on the Continent.

Nesta recalls how her mother favored her over her sisters. She told Nesta, "My Nesta. Elain shall wed for love and beauty, but you, my cunning little queen... You shall wed for conquest."[2]

She loved parties and did not spend much time being a parent to her children. She only thought about how Feyre's drawing and painting talents might secure her a future husband. Mrs. Archeron had sorely neglected her daughters' education, not bothering to hire a governess. As a result, Feyre just barely knows how to read and write.

One day, she contracted typhus and passed away, but not before making Feyre promise to take care of her family. She was buried next to her mother, Nesta visited her grave very often. Feyre thinks perhaps it was a merciful thing that her mother did not have to see the family's wealth crumble.


She had golden-brown hair like her daughters and blue-gray eyes. Nesta is the closest in resemblance to her.


Feyre says that her mother was a frivolous woman who only cared about what others thought of her family, so she made an effort to ensure that her daughters were well educated so that they could get good husbands from high society. She was cold with her daughters and only showed affection for her husband.

She was the one who taught Nesta and Elain to read and write but since Feyre was very small she never bothered to do so, so after her death and their loss of fortune, Feyre was raised as illiterate.


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