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My father’s ruined leg was stretched out before him, as close to the fire’s heat as it could get. The cold, or the rain, or a change in temperature always aggravated the vicious, twisted wounds around his knee. His simply carved cane was propped up against his chair—a cane he’d made for himself … and that Nesta was sometimes prone to leaving far out of his reach.

Feyre Archeron about her father, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Mr. Archeron is the father of Nesta, Elain, and Feyre Archeron; a man who was in the merchant business, so the family lived in a good financial position until he made a bad deal and they lost everything.


Early Life[]

Mr. Archeron was born in the Mortal Lands and at some point in his life married a woman and had three daughters with her: Nesta, Elain, and Feyre. His parents died during the Archeron sisters' childhood.[1]

He had inherited generations of debts from his father and grandfather. All this was hidden by their apparent wealth. Seeking to pay off the debts, he sent all of his remaining ships on the dangerous journey to Bharat. Tamlin once said that the only way to guarantee safe passage was to go the long way, but he didn't. The ships ended up being destroyed on their journey. This left the creditors to ransack their house leaving them only enough to move to the small cabin in an unnamed village. Soon other creditors showed up and broke his knee leaving him as a cripple. It took him six months to be able to walk after the injury, and a year before he could walk a mile. For years he managed to get a measly amount of money from selling wood carvings. This left Feyre to become the meal provider for the family.

After losing their wealth, Mr. Archeron is unable to accept that it is gone and continues to talk about regaining it. He does not take care of his daughters, and instead relies on Feyre for food and money. In A Court of Thorns and Roses, Feyre explains that when the money ran out five years before the start of the story, her father wouldn't move and didn't argue or try to stop her when she began hunting. Most of the time, Mr. Archeron just sits lost in a fog of memory. He never says a word against Nesta, either out of fear or guilt.

Because he barely provided for the family, Nesta despised him.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

One day Feyre comes home with a dead doe and a wolf skin, so he is surprised and asks where she got it from. The next day, the door of the cottage is ripped off by a monstrous animal that is looking for the murderer of his friend. When Feyre recognizes her actions, the faerie tells her that she can die or go with him to Prythian, so Feyre's father tries to convince the creature to let her go in exchange for money, something that the faerie did not accept.

After Feyre leaves, the faerie, who is the High Lord of the Spring Court, Tamlin, casts a glamour on the family and then on another day a man appears at their door to propose a business deal, which returns them to their old social position.

When Feyre returns from Prythian, they think she is returning from taking care of aunt Ripleigh, a relative of theirs who was dying and so Feyre had gone to take care of her, but this is only part of the glamour that Tamlin put on them. Then Mr. Archeron took it upon himself to calculate the fortune Tamlin had given Feyre, though he thought it was the inheritance from her late aunt.

Later he decides to give a party in Feyre's name and the next day he comments that he is thinking of buying the land of the Beddors so that one of them can build a house when the time came.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

During this book Mr. Archeron is absent as he is on a business trip to the Continent to attend a meeting with the purpose of discussing the impending war to be unleashed on Prythian.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

In this book we learn that Mr. Archeron knew about the betrayal of the Mortal Queens and so he uses his regained wealth and goes in search of the sixth queen, Vassa, who has been handed over by the others to a sorcerer who has cursed her, causing her to become a firebird during the day and mortal again at night. He agrees to raise an army to help Prythian in the war with Hybern and together they set out on the journey to Prythian. Along the way they meet Lucien Vanserra, who has come looking for Vassa for the same purpose.

When they are crossing the sea from the Continent they join forces with the legion of Seraphim and ships coming from Cretea to aid the Prythian courts in the final battle.

When they arrive, Feyre sees that three ships of his father's are part of the navy, named after his daughters: The Feyre, The Elain, and The Nesta. In The Nesta was Mr. Archeron the captain, though of his daughters Nesta is the one who despises him.

When Nesta plans to distract the King of Hybern so that Feyre and Amren can nullify the Cauldron's powers, the King uses Mr. Archeron as a shield and then snaps his neck, killing him on the spot.

After the battle Feyre, Elain and Nesta are present at a small service in his honor and Feyre cremates the body with her powers. Vassa tells them that he has been more of a father to her than her own and says that she will remember and honor him until the day she dies.

Despite appearing aloof, Nesta is seen holding one of the carvings her father creates when they lived in the cottage of the village.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

After his death, his daughter Feyre erects a gravesite in his honor on a hill near Velaris.


Mr. Archeron is described as having dark brown eyes, the same color as Elain's, a neatly-trimmed dark beard, and spotless face. His voice is a deep rumble. His fingers are still smooth and gentlemanly, even in poverty. After his knee was smashed by his creditors, it has vicious, twisted wounds around it. Whenever it is cold, raining, or changing in temperature, his knee hurts.


Feyre Archeron[]

Feyre's relationship with her father was not very good, they only spoke when she said what they were going to do with what she hunted, if they were going to eat all of it, eat one part and keep the other. She also held a grudge against him for having sat by when they lost their fortune and allowing her to wander into the woods at the risk of her life. When Tamlin took her to Prythian, she was hoping her father would come looking for her or gather a group of people to do so, but he never did.

Elain Archeron[]

Elain was the only one of his daughters who treated him well and had conversations with him.

Nesta Archeron[]

Nesta hated her father. She blamed him for their lost fortune and for doing nothing while her mother died of typhus. She made fun of everything he said, thinking everything that came out of his mouth was stupid and whenever she could, she moved his cane somewhere he couldn't reach.


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