Feyre's father was Mr. Archeron, and the father of Nesta, Elain, and Feyre Archeron. He had inherited generations of debts from his father and grandfather. All this was hidden by their apparent wealth. Seeking to pay off the debts, he sent all of his remaining ships on the dangerous journey to Bharat. Tamlin once said that the only way to guarantee safe passage was to go the long way, but he didn't. The ships ended up being destroyed on their journey. This left the creditors to ransack their house leaving them only enough to move to the small cabin in an unnamed village. Soon other creditors showed up and broke his knee leaving him as a cripple. It took him six months to be able to walk after the injury, and a year before he could walk a mile. For years he managed to get a measly amount of money from selling wood carvings. This left Feyre to become the meal provider for the family.


Mr. Archeron is described as having dark brown eyes, the same color as Elain's, a neatly-trimmed dark beard, and spotless face. His voice is a deep rumble. His fingers are still smooth and gentlemanly, even in poverty. After his knee was smashed by his creditor, it has vicious, twisted wounds around it. Whenever it is cold, raining, or changing in temperature, his knee hurts.

After losing their wealth, Mr. Archeron is unable to accept that it is gone and continues to talk about regaining it. He does not take care of his daughters, and instead relies on Freya for food and money. In A Court of Thorns and Roses, Freya explains that when the money ran out five years before the start of the story, her father wouldn't move and didn't argue or try to stop her when she began hunting. Most of the time, Mr. Archeron just sits lost to a fog of memory. He never says a word against Nesta, either out of fear or guilt.


A Court of Thorns and Roses

Mr. Archeron did not do much but sit around and occasionally make money from his wood carvings. He used a cane, due to his broken knee. Because he barely provided for the family, Nesta despised him.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Mr. Archeron used his regained wealth to lead an armada of ships, led by The Elain, The Nesta, and The Feyre, into battle against Hybern. He fought alongside Graysen's men, the combined forces of Prythian, and Miryam and Drakon's legion of mortals and winged fighters. The King of Hybern captured Mr. Archeron and used him to try keep Nesta from killing the king. The King of Hybern killed Mr. Archeron.


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