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This engagement ring was given to Feyre Archeron by her then fiancé, Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

After living through the horrors of Under the Mountain and surviving, Tamlin proposed to Feyre. She accepted and was very happy at first but then her spirits began to fade along with the rest of her, both physically and mentally. She was burdened with planning the wedding and she preferred to leave everything to Ianthe, the High Priestess of the Court.

She was wearing the ring on the day of the wedding and when Feyre was in a panic attack due to her doubts and planned to end the ceremony, Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court, appeared to make her do his bidding of making her spend a week with him every month and save her from the situation. After she returned to the Spring Court from her stay at the Night Court, Tamlin became more controlling than ever for fear of Feyre being taken from him and thus deprived her of many things, including leaving the manor, and when Feyre felt imprisoned in the house she panicked and surrounded herself with a cocoon of darkness, fire, ice and wind in which the ring melted. Thanks to their bond, Rhys sensed what was happening to her and sent his cousin Morrigan to look for her and to take her to the Night Court.


The ring was gold with a square emerald set in it.


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