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Cauldron save me. Mother hold me. Guide me to you. Let me pass through the gates; let me smell that immortal land of milk and honey. Let me fear no evil. Let me feel no pain. Let me enter eternity.

–The High Fae raising a prayer to the Mother and letting Feyre Archeron know that she gives her consent, A Court of Thorns and Roses

This unnamed Fae was a High Fae who lived Under the Mountain.


A Court of Thorns and Roses []

This Fae was forced to live Under the Mountain during Amarantha's reign of terror as High Queen of Prythian.

When Feyre Archeron showed up there to save Tamlin and his Court, Amarantha told her that she had to pass three trials. The third trial consisted of murdering three Fae by driving an ash wood dagger into their hearts. This woman was the second of them that Feyre had to kill, which she did but not without the greatest regret. The woman gave her consent, knowing that it was the only way for the rest to be free from Amarantha.[1]



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