Faeries or Fae are immortal beings that live North of The Wall (in Prythian and other realms) and in the kingdom of Hybern.


Most of the things humans know about the faeries come from the legends. That's why some of the things the humans 'know' about the faeries aren't true.

Human Knowledge/Myths About Faeries

Faeries have magical powers. Before The War, they ruled over all the known world and humans were their slaves, but the Treaty forced them to retreat North of The Wall and never come back. Human legends say the faeries can't cross The Wall, but since the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses, we as readers know that this is not true.

Human legends also say that the only way to make sure to kill a faerie is by using weapons made of iron and ash wood. Some people also buy iron charms to keep the faeries away.

The faeries are also believed to like silver.

Actual Reality

  • The faeries can cross The Wall. The only thing they can't do is enslave the humans again.
  • They do have the ability to lie contrary to human belief they cannot.
  • Iron has little effect on them, but ash wood can injure or kill them.

Types of faeries

There are two (2) types of faeries:

  • The High Fae, humanoid fae who were made specifically to be the rulers of all faeries
  • The "Lesser Faeries", faeries that don't look human and serve other purposes (example: water-wraiths)

The Children of the Blessed

The Children of the Blessed are humans (mostly girls) who believe the faeries are good and worship them like gods. They wear silver bracelets, possibly to mimic the ones that the High Priestesses wear, and try to enroll people to cross The Wall into Prythian. They are regarded in a very bad light in the human lands, and even the Fae do not take much liking to them, using them only for entertainment purposes or as game.