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This antidote served to prevent faebane from taking effect.


A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

During the War of Prythian against Hybern, the latter kingdom used a poison known as faebane that deprived all faerie that came in contact with it of their powers, and also prevented them from being cured when they were hurt.

Seeking a way to defend herself from the enemy, Nuan, an alchemist from the Dawn Court discovered an antidote and passed on her findings to her High Lord, Thesan, who shared it with the other High Lords of the courts.

At first some were reluctant to the idea of ​​the antidote as they had no proof that it worked but finally Feyre Archeron said she would try it and Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court said that he would also do it along with all his court and his Illyrian warriors. Beron Vanserra's eldest son, Eris Vanserra, said that he too would test it despite his father's refusal to do so.


  • The antidote was effective against the poison, not the weapons reinforced or made with it, so a weapon made with it could kill but not due to the poison but to the mortality of the weapon itself. The antidote was in powder form that could be added to drinks or food.

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