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Faebane, also known as Bloodbane, is a chemical compound that was used in poisoned arrows by soldiers of Hybern against Rhysand and his Inner Circle and later in the war between Hybern and Prythian. It neutralizes and suppresses High Fae powers. It is not unlike ash.

It's a blue stone generally used in the form of handcuffs to capture Fae or as a fine powder created by grinding the stone.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

When Rhysand and his Inner Circle were traveling to the Hewn City in order to steal the Veritas from Keir, they were attacked by warriors from the army of the King of Hybern. The poisoned arrows were made of ash wood, fatal to the Fae, and embedded with a poison called Faebane, which prevented wounds from healing. Rhysand was especially tortured with these arrows.

When Rhysand is taken by Hybern troops, this is used on him. Faebane chains are used to null his powers and contain him.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Faebane is one of the primary weapons used by Hybern against Prythian. It is used on Feyre Archeron and the residents of the Spring Court by Dagdan and Brannagh during the beginning of the novel, and succeeds in suppressing their power. Feyre and Lucien Vanserra are just able to overcome the twins from Hybern before they experience the full effects of the faebane. The compound neutralizes their abilities for a while, and they are forced to proceed out of the Spring Court and through the Autumn Court on foot. Weakened by the faebane, they are unable to fend off Lucien's brothers after being discovered by them in the Autumn Court and are forced to flee. The brothers give chase but are unable to apprehend Lucien and Feyre, who are rescued by Azriel and Cassian on the borders of the Winter Court.

At the meeting of the High Lords in the Dawn Court, Thesan introduces a Fae alchemist named Nuan who developed an antidote for the effects of faebane. Using this, the forces of Prythian are no longer greatly affected by the compound, which is wielded as a chemical weapon by the King of Hybern during most battles.


  • Brannagh confessed that the apples that poison Feyre are grown in the King of Hybern's private garden in his castle and that the trees are watered with water mixed with faebane.