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The Erythrian Sea is a sea located south of the Continent.


After Miryam and the prince Drakon fell in love and decided to fight for the mortals in the War, Drakon used his magic to open the waters of the Erythrian Sea in order to pass through all the mortals who were enslaved in the Black Land.[1]


  • According to the shape of the map of Prythian and the other faerie kingdoms we can say that Prythian and Hybern are located where Great Britain and Ireland are, while the Continent is located where Continental Europe is. In A Court of Mist and Fury it is said that the Black Land is located to the south of the Continent and if the Erythrian Sea bathed its coasts then we could say that this sea represents the Mediterranean Sea and that the island of Cretea, in which Miryam and Drakon live together with their mortal and faerie subjects, could be the island of Crete located in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • In real life the Erythraean Sea is a sea located between the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.[2]


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