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I don't need charity.

–Emerie, A Court of Frost and Starlight

Emerie is a female Illyrian who owns a clothier shop in Windhaven Camp. She also helped revive the Valkyries, a clan of female warriors, with Nesta Archeron and Gwyneth Berdara.


Early Life[]

Emerie was born in Windhaven Camp, the daughter of Proteus, a wealthy Illyrian who owned a clothing store, and an Illyrian female. She had an older brother who died ten years before she was born. Emerie's father was abusive and would beat his wife. One time he beat her so badly she couldn't recover and died. He made Emerie dig her mother's grave and told people she'd miscarried a baby, dying from blood loss. People believed him as he was charming and smart, a seemingly good male in front of others.

After the death of her mother, it's when her father started to beat Emerie, he beat her so badly, he once broke her back. He kept her in bed while she healed, telling people she was ill. On other occasions he would slam her head into walls, crunch her fingers in a door, abusing her until she blacked out. Emerie has always suspected her mother somehow shielded her from the abuse because the beatings started after her death.

At some point before the war with Hybern, Emerie's abusive father clipped her wings following outdated Illyrian customs for females, making her unable to fly. He never gave her any money or allowed her to make her own, he would also control her eating, never letting her eat more than what he deemed appropriate.

Proteus then died fighting during the war with Hybern, when Emerie received the news she was happy yet her family expected her to mourn him. She considered at this point telling people of the abuse she and her mother endured at his hands but ultimately decided not to because she thought they wouldn't believe her as they had turned a blind eye to her clipping. Emerie gained control over her father's shop, much to the displeasure of her uncle, his family, and the men of the camp, who stopped buying there. Since then, they have tried to persuade and threaten her to give up the store so they might have it and marry her off to a male.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

Cassian visits the store and buys all her winter gear, including gloves, boots, scarves, and coats that she has available. He tells Emerie that a big storm is coming and asks her to distribute the clothes to those most in need, as a gift from their High Lord, Rhysand.[1]

Emerie informs Cassian that a lot of the other Illyrians don't like her. But she will make sure the items are delivered by sundown. She wishes him Happy Solstice before he leaves. He returns the sentiment and tells her to send word if she has trouble with the deliveries. She replies that she's sure she won't need to. Cassian can tell that Emerie will make the families take them, whether they wanted to or not.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

About six months after the Winter Solstice, Emerie meets Nesta whilst the latter was training in the Illyrian Mountains. The Archeron sister noticed her clipped wings, to which Emerie explained and Nesta offered her condolences for her wings. Nesta requested leather training clothes for winter, to which Emerie replied that she can inquire with her suppliers to get them. She then asked if the High Lord will pay for it since it's apparent she works for him, to which Nesta declines, saying reluctantly that she was cut off. Despite this, Emerie stated that she can pay later whenever she could, much to Nesta's gratitude.

(*to be continued*)

House of Flame and Shadow[]

When Nesta uses the Mask to defeat a Middengard Wyrm she has a hard time breaking out of its hold so Azriel tries to help her snap out of it by mentioning all the people that love Nesta. He mentions Gwyn and Emerie along with Nesta's mate and her family and says they are waiting for her.


Emerie is a slender young female with dark hair in a simple braid, brown eyes, light brown skin and a narrow, angular face contrasting her full mouth. She is described as striking. Her wings have scars down the center tendons from being clipped. She wears a white apron and a simple brown dress when Cassian sees her at the store.


Emerie is strong in a culture that demands she be weak. When her father dies, she insists that his store is hers and keeps it running. Emerie does not lower her eyes in the way Illyrian females are ordered and trained to do. Despite her clipped wings, she holds Cassian's stare in a frank and unsettling manner. Cassian describes her as sharp, shrewd and unafraid. He also notes the fire in her words. Her posture is strong, with her back straight and chin upraised. Her grip is strong and unfaltering.

She is resilient, for it is her who carries Gwyn up the mountain and finishes the Blood Rite.

Powers and Abilities[]

It is unknown if Emerie has any Illyrian trademark sort of power. However, it is assumed that she’s immortal due to her Illyrian heritage.


Nesta Archeron[]

Nesta and Emerie become best friends.

Gwyneth Berdara[]

Best friends. Helped renew the Valkyries again.


  • Derived from the German name Emmerich, Emerie means brave and powerful.[2]
  • Emerie is the first Illyrian female to have an important role in the books.
  • Emerie is the first Illyrian female to finish the Blood Rite and get the title of Carynthian.
  • When Emerie, Gwyn, and Nesta were making bracelets Gwyn chose three colors that she thought matched Emerie's spirit: green, purple, and gold.[3]
  • It is hinted in Chapter 56 of A Court of Silver Flames that she is queer after she blushes at the sight of Morrigan and states how beautiful she is to Nesta.


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