Don't you touch my sister.

–Elain to the King of Hybern, A Court of Wings and Ruin

Elain is Feyre's second-eldest sister who lived with Nesta, Feyre, and their father at the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses.

She was previously Mortal before being Made into High Fae after being thrown in the Cauldron by the King of Hybern.


Elain has golden-brown hair, like her sisters Feyre and Nesta, but has rich brown eyes like her father. In A Court of Mist and Fury it is said that she has delicate, pale legs and small breasts. Due to countless hours spent in her garden, her skin has taken on a sun-kissed hew. Feyre comments that her appearance is 'lovely' and she considers Elain the most beautiful of the three sisters. The King of Hybern also refers to Elain as "the prettier one" and after Elain is made fae, Feyre says she has become "infinitely beautiful".


Elain is gentle, kind, and arguably the 'softest' of her three sisters. She loves to grow things and will spend hours in the garden, tending to it. Despite acting like a purebred lady in every other regard, Elain appears to appreciate the hard work and labor required to create such beauty. She also has a certain talent for baking and will often help Nuala and Cerridwen in the kitchen.

Elain can also be very headstrong, primarily about her love life and independence. She is very resistant of accepting the bond between her and Lucien, stating that she belongs to no one but herself and does not need a male to be complete. She refuses to submit to the future the Cauldron has chosen for her and would rather choose her own fate, whoever or whatever that may be.


A Court of Thorns and Roses

Elain lives with her father and two sisters, Nesta and Feyre. During this time, Elain mostly tends to her small garden near the front yard of their house. Nesta hopes for Elain to get a good, wealthy husband to save them from poverty. After Feyre leaves with Tamlin, her remaining family is provided for by him.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Elain gets engaged to Graysen, a human man who's father is notorious for his Fae-despising ways. She receives an iron ring as a symbol of their engagement. Feyre returns to the family's new manor with her new friends, her family having regained their wealth thanks to Tamlin's largess. Elain is clearly uncomfortable with the Fae but welcomes them anyway, even if her wedding it's only five months away. Later in the book, she is Made into a Fae by Hybern, upon which Lucien discovers that he is her mate.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

In the series' third installment, Elain speaks of seeing things that at the beginning make no sense. But later, as the story advances, she is decreed as a Seer by Azriel.

Where Nesta, while having been submerged in the Cauldron, has stolen some of its power, the Cauldron itself chose to grant Elain some magic as a gift for her seemingly never-ending kindness.

When Elain goes to Lord Nolan's residence—along with Feyre, Rhysand, Mor, and Nesta—to ask for sanctuary for any humans that will be evacuating their homes once the wall comes down, she reunites with Graysen, her human fiancé. However, Lord Noland reveals that he knows of Elain's turning and of her matehood with Lucien, a High Lord's son, thanks to Jurian having told him. Elain, still in love with Graysen, had wanted to return to him, but he rejects her. He demands that Elain take off her iron ring, but she refuses, and Graysen roars at her. Rhys steps in and demands that he let her keep the ring. Graysen becomes unpleasant and declares to Elain that he will not marry her—and that while he will take in whatever people are seeking sanctuary, will not accept her among them. Elain, clearly upset, says nothing, but Nesta steps forward and slaps Graysen in the face, saying that he never deserved her.

Elain and Azriel develop what can be assumed to be a friendship, though the details of their relationship as of yet remain ambiguous. It is with Azriel's coveted blade, Truth-Teller, that Elain drives through the King of Hybern's neck before Nesta delivers the final blow and rips his head off.

At the end of the book, Elain asks Lucien to accompany them back to the Night Court, to which he instantly agrees.



Elain is kind to her sister and grateful for when she provided for the family during hard times. In ACOMAF, Elain welcomes Feyre and her friends into her home, even though she knows that they are Fae.


Elain is on good terms with her sister, Nesta. Nesta is overly protective of Elain and worries about her sanity before she is proclaimed a Seer. It goes without saying that Nesta has a soft spot for Elain—she is even able to reason with Nesta and can persuade her to do things that no one else can.


Elain and lucien.jpg

At the end of ACOMAF, Lucien claims to be Elain's mate after she is Made Fae and the mating bond snaps into place. However, she is taken to the Night Court by Rhysand and company before she has a chance to respond.

In ACOWAR, Elain meets and has a proper conversation with Lucien whilst at the Night Court. After falling into depression, she talks to Lucien about her engagement and how Graysen's betrayal impacted her family. He sits with her and tries to use the bond between them to help reach her and bring her back to herself. Elain tells Lucien that she can hear his heartbeat, and asks if he can hear hers. When Lucien volunteers to go to the Mortal Lands to find Queen Vassa, Elain appears to wish to say something to him before he leaves, but stops herself, and remains silent. She appears to have developed some sort of attachment to him, and it is clear that she cares for his safety, but is resistant to do or say anything about it.

By the end of the book, Elain is seen asking Lucien if he is alright when she sees him covered in blood and gore after the battle. She also asks him to stay at the Night Court, to which he agrees. However, in ACOFAS and the sneak peak for ACOTAR #4, Elain appears to have returned to avoiding Lucien and showing no signs of wanting to accept their bond.


During ACOWAR, Elain and Azriel become good friends. This has led many to suspect a potential romance in the future, yet there has been no evidence to actually suggest anything beyond friendship. When Elain is captured by Hybern, Azriel risks his life to save her, ignoring even Nesta's protests of how it will most likely cost him his life. He even lends her "Truth-Teller", which he has never let anyone so much as touch in his 500+ years of life.

Garden image.jpg

In ACOFAS, Elain gives Azriel a powder as a Solstice present, meant to treat the headaches he supposedly gets from his friends all the time. This causes Azriel to laugh with a joy Feyre has never heard before, thanking Elain and saying the gift will be invaluable. The pair spend Solstice evening talking together in the sitting room as Elain explains to him her plans for expanding the garden.


  • The name Elain is of Welsh origin. It means "fawn" in Welsh. [1]



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