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But Elain, the flower-grower, the gentle heart… Nesta would go down swinging for her.

Feyre Archeron about Elain, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Elain Archeron (pronounced: Eh-lane[6]) is Feyre Archeron's second-eldest sister who lived with Nesta Archeron, Feyre, and their father at the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses.

She was previously mortal before being Made into High Fae after being thrown in the Cauldron by the King of Hybern.


Early Life

Elain was born into a high society family dedicated to the merchant business consisting of a father, a mother and two sisters: an older one, Nesta, and a younger one, Feyre. Like every lady of high society, she, along with her sister, Nesta, learned to read and write. One day their mother fell ill with typhus and died leaving the family devastated and the situation worsened when their father made a business that went wrong, so he got into debt and was brutally beaten by the people he owed, leaving him permanently disabled with one injured leg. When they no longer had money to meet the expenses and lost the house, they had to move to a poor village where they left all the responsibilities on Feyre's shoulders, despite being the youngest.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

In her new life in poverty Elain likes to grow flowers in her small garden near the front yard of their cottage, this is the only thing she does when her younger sister is busy being the breadwinner. One day when Feyre comes home with a wolf skin and a deer skin she says that she needs to get a new cape with the money she gets for them. When they go to sell the furs to the market the next day, the three sisters are intercepted by a young woman belonging to a group called the Children of the Blessed who worship faeries. Nesta walks away with Elain, whom she held more dear than Feyre and whom she defended. While Feyre trades the furs with a mercenary, Nesta and Elain watch her and when Feyre gave them a coin of what she earned they go to buy new boots for Nesta and a new cape for Elain.

That night when Tamlin attacks their home to avenge the death of his friend, Andras, at the hands of Feyre, Nesta tries to defend Elain and when Tamlin takes Feyre to Prythian with him he puts a glamour on the family so they would think that Feyre had gone to take care of a sick aunt. Nesta is the only one unaffected by the glamour, so she knows the whole truth. A few days after Feyre's departure, her father is proposed a business and it does so well that they revert to their old social position, so Elain is beaming with happiness.

When Feyre returns from her supposed trip to her aunt's house, Elain receives her with great affection, although she is saddened by the death of her aunt, despite not knowing her. She tells her that she wants to go to the Continent to see the flowers that are in other countries and invites Feyre to accompany her. When they learn of the death of the Beddor family at the hands of the Fae, she tells Feyre that she remembers everything that happened that night with Tamlin in the cottage.

A Court of Mist and Fury

When Feyre returns to the Archeron's Estate to warn her sisters of the future war, she discovers that her father is not home as he is on a trip to the Continent arranging some business and preparing Elain's wedding with Graysen that is to happen in five months. Graysen is the son of a mortal Lord of the Mortal Lands south of Prythian, called Nolan, who hates the Fae and hunts down those who ventured south of the the Wall. That's why Elain's engagement ring is made of iron. She participated in the meetings that took place at her home between Feyre, Rhysand and his Inner Circle and the Mortal Queens.

Elain is kidnapped by Ianthe, along with Nesta. When the King of Hybern's plan to turn the sisters into High Fae is revealed, he decides to turn Elain first. Nesta reacts savagely, shaking her body and screaming, fighting to save her sister against impossible odds. Cassian hears Nesta screaming and reacts, despite being seriously injured and near unconscious. When Nesta is put into the Cauldron, she fights back clawing and when she is about to be completely submerged she points a finger at the king, promising that she will get revenge. When Nesta exits the Cauldron, she immediately runs to Elain's side and fiercely pushes Lucien Vanserra away from her. When Lucien says that Elain is his mate, Nesta responds with anger. Morrigan is the one who takes the sisters from Hybern to some secret and safe place in the Night Court.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

When Feyre returns to Velaris she finds out that her sisters are staying at the House of Wind. Elain doesn't want to leave her room or eat, and she spends the day crying. Every time she speaks to someone she tells them that in a short time she is going to celebrate her wedding with Graysen.

She is completely emotionally empty and extremely thin from refusing to eat. All the light and joy in her vanished when she was converted. Fearing that her mind has been affected, Feyre calls the healer, Madja, who tells them that she was physically fine, only thin, but that she did not know how she is mentally because she had not been able to enter her mind. She told them that maybe her mate, Lucien, could find out what is wrong with her.

Then Elain tells them that she had seen that one of the mortal queens, the youngest, had entered the Cauldron after Nesta, but since it was upset that she had taken part of its power, it granted immortality to the queen but it took away her youth and beauty, leaving her an old. Then she told them that the King wanted back the power that Nesta took from the Cauldron and that he had sent two of his Ravens, one white and the other black to retrieve it, which effectively happened shortly after but they are killed by Rhys and Bryaxis.

The Cauldron itself chose to grant Elain some magic as a gift and made her a seer.

After the wall fell, Elain says that Graysen's father, Lord Nolan, had a estate that could be used as a refuge for mortals. By this time she is feeling better, what's more, she even asks Nuala and Cerridwen to teach her how to make bread, which ends with the three covered of flour in the kitchen.

Later Rhysand and his Inner Circle attempt to deceive Graysen and Nolan, pretending that Elain is still mortal and not a High Fae like her sisters, believing that she can have influence over her fiance and his family. However, Jurian has already revealed the truth to Graysen and Nolan. In the end, despite their attempt at deception, Nolan is convinced to give sanctuary to the human refugees that will be evacuating their homes once the wall comes down. Graysen, however, is furious with Elain not only for hiding her true nature but for not having revealed to him that she has a High Fae mate, Lucien. He then ends their engagement and demands that she return the engagement ring. Elain breaks down crying but doesn't return it. Nesta smacks him in the head and tells him that he never deserved her anyway.

After that Elain is once again devastated and spends all the time in her tent in the war camp, she only goes out when the camp moves, but as soon as the tent is ready she goes back in.

After the battle in the Winter Court, while in the war camp the Cauldron deceives Elain, posing as Graysen, and takes her to the Hybern camp, from where she is rescued, along with Briar, by Feyre and Azriel with the help of Jurian (who proves that he had never actually been on Hybern's side but is a spy) and Tamlin, who also happens to be a spy.

When they learn that the final battle would take place in the Mortal Lands to the south of the island, the High Lords agree to winnow as many mortals as possible to Adriata to save their lives. After that the armies march to the battlefield, where the Bone Carver and Bryaxis (recruited by Feyre) and Stryga, the Weaver, (recruited by Rhys) also arrive to aid them in battle. Shortly after, they are joined by the forces of the Spring Court and Autumn Court as well as an army of mortals led by Jurian and Graysen. During the course of the battle the King uses the force of the Cauldron thus killing many defenders of Prythian (among them the Bone Carver) and soldiers of his own army. When it seems their forces would be overwhelmed, reinforcements arrive from Cretea, the island of Drakon and Miryam and also mortals from the mainland led by Mr. Archeron and Vassa, the sixth mortal queen mentioned in the previous book.

Knowing that the only way to win is by nullifying the Cauldron's powers, Nesta plans a distraction for the King to take him away from the magic item so Feyre and Amren could get closer to it. When they do, Amren tells Feyre to place her hands on the Cauldron and she does, only to be trapped by the visions the Cauldron begins to give her, showing how the King uses his father as a human shield and then breaks his neck. Also how, when he is about to kill Nesta and Cassian, Elain comes up from behind him and stabs him in the neck with Azriel's knife and then Nesta uses the sword to cut his head.

After the war ends, Feyre and her sisters attend a small service in honor of their father and then a meeting called by Feyre in the ruins of the Archeron's estate to renegotiate a new Treaty between Fae and mortals.

She is last seen drinking at Velaris with her friends.

A Court of Frost and Starlight

After the end of the war against Hybern Elain stops having visions (or at least stops commenting on them) and her condition improves, both physically and psychologically. She is generally seen in the company of the twins, Nuala and Cerridwen, helping them with the kitchen chores or taking care of her garden. She can't bear Lucien's presence for long, which is why he moves into his own apartment, but instead develops a closer relationship with Azriel.

As Winter Solstice approaches she goes shopping with Feyre and on one of these occasions she meets Aranea and her life story. At the gallery she purchases blankets for the twins as Solstice gifts and also speaks to Madja, Rhys's favorite healer, to make a powder as a gift for Azriel. This powder would help with his headaches, something she noticed when she sees him touch his forehead regularly, which leaves him astonished since the others have not noticed it. She is also pleased to see that Nesta assisted to their Solstice gathering, despite her saying she wanted to be alone.

A Court of Silver Flames

Despite Nesta's protectiveness over Elain, Nesta recounts that her relationship with Elain has become strained after the war and that they do not see each other often. Elain has become adjusted and spends her time helping the residents of Velaris revive their war-destroyed gardens. While Nesta notes that Elain is absent when the Inner Circle stage an intervention for her, it is revealed later that she helped pack Nesta's belongings.

Later, Elain comes to meet Nesta but the encounter ends in a hostile manner, with Elain crying.[7]

Elain volunteers to track down the Dread Trove items, however, Nesta refuses to let her participate for her safety. Elain asserts herself and says, "Shall I tend to my little garden forever?", which causes Nesta to flinch.[8]

At Winter Solstice, Nesta and Elain have another encounter with Nesta snapping at Elain, however Elain laughs off the encounter and escorts her to the family room. Azriel and Elain exchange glances and it is described that Elain's breath caught slightly at one point. Elain is gifted pearl earrings from Lucien as a Solstice present, but she barely thanks him after opening them and is described as shrinking further into herself.[9]

During Feyre's labor, Elain and Nesta hold hands to comfort each other. Elain is last seen with Nyx dozing peacefully in her arms.

House of Flame and Shadow

When Nesta uses the Mask to defeat a Middengard Wyrm she has a hard time breaking out of its hold so Azriel tries to help her snap out of it by mentioning all the people that love Nesta. He mentions Feyre, Elain, and Nyx along with Nesta's mate and her friends, and says they are waiting for her.


Elain has golden-brown hair, like her sisters Feyre and Nesta, but has rich brown eyes like her father. She has delicate, pale legs and small breasts. Due to countless hours spent in her garden, her skin has taken on a sun-kissed hew. Feyre comments that her appearance is 'lovely' and she considers Elain the most beautiful of the three sisters. The King of Hybern also refers to Elain as "the prettier one" and after Elain is Made Fae, Feyre says she has become "infinitely beautiful".


Elain is gentle, kind, and arguably the 'softest' of her three sisters. She loves to grow things and will spend hours in the garden, tending to it. Despite acting like a purebred lady in every other regard, Elain appears to appreciate the hard work and labor required to create such beauty. She also has an interest in baking and will often help Nuala and Cerridwen in the kitchen.

Elain can also be very headstrong, primarily about her love life and independence. She is very resistant to accepting the bond between her and Lucien, stating that she belongs to no one but herself and does not need a male to be complete. She refuses to submit to the future the Cauldron has chosen for her and would rather choose her own fate, whoever or whatever that may be.

Because of her gentle nature, Elain is assumed by many to be weak and defenseless.


Nesta Archeron

Don't you touch my sister.

–Elain to the King of Hybern, A Court of Wings and Ruin

Elain is on good terms with her sister, Nesta, and is closest to her than to Feyre. Nesta is overly protective of Elain and worries about her sanity before she is proclaimed a seer. It goes without saying that Nesta has a soft spot for Elain—she is even able to reason with Nesta and can persuade her to do things that no one else can.

Feyre Archeron

Elain is kind to her sister and grateful for when she provided for the family during hard times. In A Court of Mist and Fury, Elain welcomes Feyre and her friends into her home, even though she knows that they are Fae.

Mr. Archeron

She is the only one who still had conversations with her father and treated him well while Nesta hated him for doing nothing while their mother died and for having lost the family fortune leaving them starving as result.

In A Court of Silver Flames, it is revealed that both Elain and Feyre were doted on by their father and that Elain was her father's "princess".

Mrs. Archeron

Nesta reveals in A Court of Silver Flames that Elain's mother treated Elain "as barely more than a doll to dress up". Nesta also reveals that their mother had told her that Elain would "wed for love and beauty".

Lucien Vanserra

At the end of A Court of Mist and Fury, Lucien claims to be Elain's mate after she is Made High Fae, and the mating bond snaps into place. However, she is taken to the Night Court by Rhysand and company before she has a chance to respond.

She is still in love with Graysen so she does not give much importance to Lucien even though he is her mate, but little by little she begins to notice his presence.

In A Court of Wings and Ruin, Elain meets and has a proper conversation with Lucien whilst at the Night Court. After falling into depression, she talks to Lucien about her engagement and how Graysen's betrayal impacted her family. He sits with her and tries to use the bond between them to help reach her and bring her back to herself. Elain tells Lucien that she can hear his heartbeat, and asks if he can hear hers, and he says that he can not. When Lucien volunteers to go to the Mortal Lands to find Queen Vassa, Elain appears to wish to say something to him before he leaves, but stops herself, and remains silent.

By the end of the book, Elain is seen asking Lucien if he is alright when she sees him covered in blood and gore after the battle. She also asks him to stay at the Night Court, to which he agrees. However, in A Court of Frost and Starlight and A Court of Silver Flames, Elain appears to have returned to avoiding Lucien and shows no signs of wanting to accept their bond.


When the pair met in A Court of Mist and Fury, it was during a tense dinner with their respective siblings. Elain was still a human and was very frightened to be in the presence of Fae, yet she didn't appear to be as scared of Azriel, and they both tried to make polite conversation.

During A Court of Wings and Ruin, Azriel is very attentive to Elain and discovers that she is a seer, a power she obtained from the Cauldron when she became a High Fae. He offers to rescue her along with Feyre at the Hybern war camp and later, when he is prohibited from fighting in the final battle, he lends her his favorite knife, Truth-Teller, something Rhysand says he has never done with anyone else.

In A Court of Frost and Starlight, Elain gives Azriel a powder as a solstice gift, meant to treat the headaches he seems to get from his friends all the time. This causes Azriel to laugh and he thanks Elain, saying the gift will be invaluable. The pair spend Solstice evening together talking in the sitting room as Elain explains to him her plans for expanding the garden.

In A Court of Silver Flames, Azriel avoids Lucien on Solstice because of the mating bond Lucien shares with Elain.[9] Later that night, Azriel catches Elain trying to discreetly place her gift for him next to his other presents. She reveals them to be a pair of earplugs, meant to help him sleep better with all the noise from Nesta and Cassian's nightly "activities", which makes him laugh. Azriel then gives her his own present: a glass rose charm necklace. She says it is beautiful and asks him to put it on her. This led to the pair sharing an almost-kiss before a furious Rhysand caught them (unbeknownst to Elain) and stopped Azriel, demanding that he meets in his office. Azriel pulls away, saying that the almost-kiss was a mistake. Elain is left confused and hurt as to why Azriel stopped and thinking she had misread his intentions, apologizes to him. He deflected the apology, saying she should never apologize to him before he disappeared without another word.[10]


  • Elain means "fawn" in Welsh.[11][12][13]
    • Alternatively, Elain is a variant of Elaine.[12] Elaine means "light."[14]
    • In Hebrew the name Elaine derives from "El-yud-ana > 'Eli'anah > Eliyanah", literally translated as "my God has answered me."[15]
  • Nesta says that Elain smells like jasmine and honey.[7]
  • Her father had a ship named after her, as did two others named after her sisters.
  • Feyre painted roses and violets around the knobs of Elain's drawer in the dresser they shared in the cottage.[16] On the drawer itself she painted little roses, begonias, and irises.[17]
  • Mr. Archeron made a rose carved from dark wood for Elain back when they lived in their old cottage because it was winter and she missed the flowers.[18]
  • Sarah J. Maas stated that Elain would be a Hufflepuff if she attended Hogwarts.[19]


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