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Elain's engagement ring was given to her when Graysen proposed. It is made of iron.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Elain Archeron was engaged to marry Graysen, the son of Nolan, a mortal lord who has a fierce dislike for faeries.

He and his men were in charge of hunting down faeries who ventured south of the Wall. Graysen agreed with his father's opinions of faeries, and therefore decided to propose to Elain with an iron engagement ring with the belief that iron could kill faeries and prevent them from controlling their minds. However, in reality, iron is useless against faeries and provides no protection.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

At the end of the previous book Elain was turned into a High Fae by the King of Hybern using the Cauldron, something that Graysen did not know. When the Wall fell, the Night Court asked Graysen and his father Nolan to provide refuge for mortals in their castle, and they made Elain try to deceive them by pretending to be mortal. This didn't work because Jurian had already revealed the truth to them.

Upon learning of her true nature and that she had a High Fae mate, Lucien Vanserra, Graysen broke off their engagement and asked for the ring back but she did not return it.


Elain's engagement ring is made of shining iron and decorated with pearls and diamonds.


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