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The Dread Trove is a collection of magical Fae items with immense power.


Their original maker was the Cauldron. Some of them were created hundreds to thousands of years ago, and were used by various Fae rulers to secure their rule. Only three ancient Trove, the Crown, the Mask, and the Harp, have survived, with many being lost to time or misplacement.

Known Dread Trove[]

  • The Crown - a large crown made out of golden spikes. Has the ability to control the minds of others to do the wearer's bidding. Was in the possession of Queen Briallyn.
  • The Harp - a small, golden harp. Capable of opening portals to different locations and realities, as well as altering one environment, such as trapping Fae into stone to form the Prison.
  • The Mask - a golden mask carved with ancient patterns. Is able to call upon the dead and control them.
  • The Horn - seen by Nesta in Lanthys' vision. Before the vision shifted she saw it laying on an altar veiled in shadows but she couldn't make out more than a gleam of age-worn bone.