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Drakon is a Fae Prince, belonging to winged species of faeries called Seraphim, who aided Mortals in the War. He is Miryam's husband and mate and, together with her, rules over the island Cretea.


The War[]

Before the Wall got built, Drakon got engaged to the Queen of the Black Land, the cruel ruler of a country that owned humans as slaves. To celebrate their engagement, she gifted him the half-Fae, half-human slave called Miryam. Drakon, however, was horrified and helped Miryam escape. This incident opened his eyes to the Queen's true nature, leading him to break off his engagement. He allied his armies with the humans and spent the next years looking for Miryam.

After three years, Drakon and his army acted as reinforcements for Jurian's human army during a devastating battle. During the battle, Drakon got injured and Miryam ended up being the healer who tended to his wounds. For a while after that, Drakon's and Jurian's armies were allied in the war. During that time, Drakon fell in love with Miryam who, as her relationship with Jurian went downhill, began to return his feelings. A while after things between Miryam and Jurian had ended, Drakon and Miryam began a relationship. They turned out to be mates and got mated and married the night Jurian killed Clythia. After Jurian died at the end of the War, Drakon accompanied Miryam to the Black Land, where she wanted to free her people.[1]

Afterward, they marched the fifty thousand humans they had freed through the desert and to the Erythrian Sea, where they had arranged for ships to bring them to another kingdom. However, the Queen of the Black Land had those ships burned before they could reach them and sent her army after them. Desperate, Drakon had his soldiers use their magic to part the sea and allow the humans to run while he and his soldiers held the Black Land's army. However, Miryam refused to flee until all of her people had reached safety. In the following battle, she got skewered by a spear thrown by the queen of the Black Land. Drakon, who was preoccupied with the battle, didn't notice and, having used up his magic, was only able to watch as Nephelle saved her. Miryam died from her injury, but, Drakon knew of a sacred island where a powerful object made by the Cauldron had been hidden. He used that object to resurrect her, granting her a Fae's long life in the process.

After the War[]

After that battle, Miryam and Drakon let the world think them dead and moved to Cretea with their people. Only the members of the Inner Circle knew that they were still alive. They spent the next years building a country where humans and Fae live together in peace. During that time, Rhysand visited them once, 351 years before the war with Hybern. Several centuries later, they had trouble at their border, and, following an idea Miryam got from Velaris, cast a spell that hid Cretea from any outsiders.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

With the war against Hybern inevitable, Rhysand sends Azriel looking for Miryam and Drakon in hopes of gaining their aide and sizable troops of Seraphim and humans. However, their island, Cretea, contains nothing but old ruins. However, due to the spell around Cretea, he could not reach them. Miryam and Drakon later heard a rumor that Jurian was hunting for Miryam, wanting to get revenge against her and Drakon. This alerted them that there was a conflict going on, and Miryam figured out that the spell on Cretea might have prevented their friends from contacting them. They sailed their army to Prythian, met the independent human armies on the way, and helped Prythian's armies hold out against Hybern until Amren could defeat them.

After the battle, they helped arrange the meeting between Fae and humans and told their story as proof that humans and Fae could live together in peace. At Feyre Archeron's request, they also stole the Cauldron and took it back to Cretea with them to keep it safe and prevent a possible war that might break out over its possession.


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