Drakon is a High Fae Prince who aided Mortals in the War. He is Miryam's husband and mate.


Five hundred years prior to the War, Drakon was engaged to the Queen of the Black Land. As a wedding gift she gave him the Half-Fae slave Miryam, but Drakon was horrified and let her escape. This incident opened his eyes to the monster the Queen was, and so he broke off the engagement and allied his armies with the humans. He also began looking for Miryam.

Three years later Drakon found Miryam as she tended to his army, and the two began falling in love as Miryam's lover, Jurian, became more obsessed with winning the War and was blind to what was going on. After Jurian killed Clythia, Morrigan took Miryam to Drakon and they were mated and married that night. When Jurian died at the end of the War, Drakon led his armies alongside Miryam and Morrigan to free Miryam's people from the Black Land, and he presumably drowned with Miryam in the Erythrian Sea.[1]

This was, however, a lie designed to make sure the two could live in peace. They traveled to an island in a forgotten part of the sea, and have lived there for five hundred years with their children and a mixture of Fae, Half-Fae, and humans. The island is protected by magic, and only a few people know about it.[2]

A Court of Wings and Ruin

With war against Hybern inevitable, Rhysand goes to look for Miryam and Drakon in hopes of gaining their aide and sizable troops of Seraphim, magical warriors with angel-like wings. However, their island, Cretea, contains nothing but old ruins. It seems that they have fled upon hearing that Jurian is attempting to hunt down Miryam. At the end of the last battle with Hybern, Miryam and Drakon show up to come to the aid of the other Courts. It is revealed that the "ruins" seen on their island were nothing but a ruse to keep out unwanted enemies, but the magical wards worked too well, as they prevented their friends from finding them as well. Throughout that time, Miryam and Drakon were in fact safe and sound. Along with the Seraphim warriors and a team of mortals that they have encountered, they successfully defeated the King of Hybern's army.



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