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Three individuals are known as death-gods who, before Prythian was considered a kingdom, traveled from another dimension and "fell" into this world.

Those individuals were three siblings: Koschei and the twins; Stryga (better known as the Weaver) and the Bone Carver.

These three siblings were extremely powerful by the standards of the world, and the ancient Fae that lived in the region worshiped them as gods, mainly because of their fear of them, and both Koschei and Stryga enjoyed that devotion. Contrary to his siblings, the Bone Carver made it clear that he did not do so and that, being the weakest, he feared his siblings, and so he let an ancient female Fae lock him up in the Prison in order to stay away from them.

They are known by this name because, due to the magnitude of their powers, they could feed on life itself.


  • In A Court of Silver Flames, when Nesta Archeron visits the Prison and encounters Lanthys, he asks her, "Which death-god are you?" due to the power she wielded, which was that of death itself, akin to the powers of a death-god.

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