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These libraries are located in the Day Court and it is said there are one thousand of them.


The libraries were built by the people of the Day Court who excel at spell work and archived the knowledge of Prythian on the subject.[1] They are rumored to contain the knowledge of the world.

Amarantha personally looted the libraries for herself and burned some of them. It is unknown if Helion reclaimed what she took.[2]

A Court of Silver Flames[]

When Feyre Archeron gets pregnant with a winged baby due to being in Illyrian form when the child was conceived, she was going to die due to her regular High Fae body not having the anatomy to deliver a winged baby. Rhysand discreetly begs Helion on his knees for his help. As High Lord, Helion has the thousand libraries at his disposal, so every head librarian and researcher who could be spared was ordered to search, as Rhysand believes that somewhere in history, someone must have studied the situation Feyre was in and found a way to deliver a baby with wings to a mother whose body was not equipped for it.[3] They are, however, unable to find a solution.

Later when Nesta Archeron thinks her mate Cassian has died, she erupts with the force of the Cauldron, and books tumbled off the shelves in these libraries.[4]


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