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Steps and balconies and archways and verandas and bridges linked the towers and gilded domes of the palace, periwinkle morning glories climbing the pillars and neatly cut blocks of stone to drink in the gilded mists wafting by.

–Feyre Archeron, A Court of Wings and Ruin

This palace in the Dawn Court is the private residence of the High Lord, Thesan. This location was chosen as the meeting point between the High Lords.


If the palace above the Court of Nightmares had been crafted of moonstone, this was made from ... sunstone.

Rhysand, A Court of Wings and Ruin

The palace was built in the mountains high enough it was among the clouds. It was a large building made from what can only be described as sunstone, a near-opalescent golden stone that seemed to hold the gleaming of a thousand sunrises within it. Periwinkle morning glories climb the pillars and neatly cut blocks of stone to drink in the gilded mists wafting by. Multiple steps, balconies, archways, verandas, and bridges link the towers of the palace together. After a set of spiral stairs, there are multiple chambers. A long bridge connects the towers and gilded tomes of the palace together. Wisteria hung from the bridge's rails.

The palace has various courtyards and gardens with a large countryside below the palace. The palace is large enough to serve as accommodation for entourages from all the other courts at once. Rhys and Feyre stay in a suite built around a lavish sitting room and private dining room. The rooms also contain golden cages filled with birds.

Beyond the palace is a view of the lush countryside and a village with red-roofed houses and a broad, sparkling river.

Meeting Chamber[]

The meeting between the High Lords took place within one of the chambers in the palace. The floor was made of marble. Multiple cushioned oak chairs were arranged in a circle in the middle of the room, some had been shaped to accommodate wings. A circular reflection pool was carved into the floor with fish and water lilies.


A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

The palace was chosen as the meeting point for the High Lords to discuss the impending war with Hybern. The Dawn Court was neutral in terms of conflict, and easier to get to due to being near the Middle of Prythian.

On the day of the meeting, Helion and Kallias arrive first at the palace, soon followed by Rhysand's Inner Circle. Though, Amren stays in Velaris and serves as second-in-command. Rhys and his companions are led into the palace by a member of the Dawn Court. Feyre Archeron, Nesta Archeron, and Rhys are amazed at the palace and its beauty. Rhys deliberates whenever to redecorate parts of Velaris, and Morrigan insists that he should use the palace as inspiration.

The seven High Lords with their delegations showed up for the meeting and discussed what they would do in the impending war against Hybern, whether to ally with each other or unite with Hybern.


  • Due to the lack of damage on the palace, Rhys assumed Thesan shielded the palace while Amarantha ruled, the same way Rhys did with Velaris.

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