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The southernmost one a softer, redder palate, the Dawn Court

A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Dawn Court is one of the seven courts in Prythian, and one of the three Solar Courts.


The Dawn Court is bordered on the north by the Day Court and to the south by Under the Mountain and the Winter Court. Its sky is cobalt and tinged by the rose remnants of sunrise long into the day, the edges of soft clouds gild with golden light. The air has lingering dewy freshness in the air. It is a lush, eternal countryside rich with the weight of summer upon it.

Dawn's territory is set in small cities that specialized in tinkering, clockwork, and clever things. The towns were red-roofed villages with sparkling rivers.


When Prythian was formed, the land was split into seven Courts, the Dawn Court being one of them.

Thesan is the High Lord of the Dawn Court who "glowed the brightest of all" the High Lords.

When Amarantha began to frequent the Courts of Prythian, the Court Dawn was no exception, so the High Lord lost much of his powers because of her.

When Feyre Archeron freed Tamlin and the Spring Court from Amarantha's curse and Amarantha killed her, the other Courts were also freed.

Thesan bestowed a drop of light to Feyre when the High Lords revived her in A Court of Thorns and Roses which gave her the ability to heal.

The colors of the Dawn Court are gold and red. They have a small aerial legion of winged faerie called Peregryn.

Alongside the Day and Winter Courts, Dawn was one of the territories the High Priestesses had "burrowed into."


  • Its livery is gold and ruby and the people sometimes dress in light, loose robes that are layered yet flattering.

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