The southernmost one a softer, redder palate, the Dawn Court

–A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Dawn Court is one of the seven courts in Prythian, one of the three Solar Courts. Thesan, the High Lord of the Dawn Court who "glowed the brightest of all" the High Lords and bestowed a drop of light to Feyre in A Court of Thorns and Roses and gave her the ability to heal. Dawn's territory is set in small cities that specialized in tinkering and clockwork and clever things.

High Priestesses are known to have 'burrowed into a few of the courts - Dawn, Day and Winter mostly.'

The personal residence of the High Lord of Dawn is a mountain palace in the clouds, made from what can only be described as sunstone, a near-opalescent golden stone that seemed to hold the gleaming of a thousand sunrises within it. Steps and balconies and archways and verandas and bridges linked the towers and gilded domes of the palace, periwinkle morning glories climbing the pillars and neatly cut blocks of stone to drink in the gilded mists wafting by.  

The verdant countryside rippling away far below, speckled with red-roofed little villages and broad, sparkling river. A lush eternal countryside, rich with the weight of summer upon it. 


Dawn Court
Characters Thesan · Nuan · Thesan's lover · Thesan's mother · Nuan's father · Nuan's mother
Locations Dawn Court Palace
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