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The Darkbringers is the name of the legion of elite warriors of the Court of Nightmares.


A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Rhysand and Feyre Archeron, the High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court go to the Hewn City to meet with Keir, the Steward, accompanied by Morrigan, Azriel, Amren and Nesta Archeron to see if Keir will join Rhys in the war against Hybern since as Steward of the Court of Nightmares he has the right to deny the participation of his legion of Darkbringers on the High Lord's side, something that had been agreed upon centuries ago, when Keir's family ceased to rule the court and Rhysand's took power. He tells him that he isn't sure if he is on his side since his people identified with Hybern and that the King offers him better deals.

To try to persuade him, Rhys invites Eris Vanserra, the eldest son of Beron Vanserra, the High Lord of the Autumn Court, to the meeting, and he assures him that if he joins them he will be guaranteed business with his court, but Keir is still hesitant, telling Rhysand that he will only agree if he allows him to keep the Moonstone Palace on top of where the Court of Nightmares is located and allows its residents to leave and visit Velaris, whose existence is revealed to him by the King of Hybern. Reluctantly, Rhys agrees, much to Mor's annoyance, but he makes sure that no merchant in the city gave Hewn City residents a fair deal when they come to their businesses.

The legion participates in the battles of the Summer Court and the Winter Court and also in the final battle against Hybern in the Mortal Lands of southern Prythian.


  • Even the Darkbringers are afraid to go to the dungeons of the Hewn City, according to Cassian.[1]


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