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Cretea is the island that Miryam and Drakon's people went to live on after leaving Prythian following the War.


Cretea is located in a forgotten part of the Erythrian Sea. Its population consists of a mixture of Fae, Half-Fae, and Mortals. These groups live there in harmony in accordance to Miryam and Drakon's morals. The island is protected by magic so that no one knows its location or existence, similar to Velaris, and only a few people know about it, including Rhysand's Inner Circle.


During the War between the Fae and mortals, the Fae prince Drakon fought alongside Jurian defending mortals. Years before, Drakon had freed a half-Fae half-human slave named Miryam and when he allied himself with Jurian he found her again. She left Jurian to be with him and for that reason Jurian tortured Clythia to obtain information about the Fae to get revenge on Drakon since he believed he had betrayed him. This fact ignited the anger of Amarantha towards Jurian.

After the War ended and the Treaty had been signed, Drakon and Miryam went to an island and formed a kingdom where mortals and Fae coexist with each other, and Miryam was granted eternal life and youth but as a mortal, she was not turned into High Fae as was the case with Feyre Archeron.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

With war against Hybern inevitable, Rhysand sent Azriel to sought out Miryam and Drakon in hopes of gaining their aid, and sizable troops of Seraphim, magical warriors with angel-like wings. However, their island, Cretea, contained nothing but old ruins, indicating that they might have fled upon hearing that Jurian was attempting to hunt down Miryam. During the last battle with Hybern, Miryam and Drakon showed up to come to the aid of the other courts. It was revealed that the "ruins" seen on their island were nothing but a ruse to keep out unwanted enemies, but the magical wards worked too well, as they prevented their friends from finding them as well. Throughout that time, Miryam and Drakon were in fact safe and sound. Along with the Seraphim warriors and a team of mortals that they had encountered, they successfully defeated Hybern's army.[1]


  • According to the shape of the map of Prythian and the other Faerie Realms we can say that Prythian and Hybern are located where Great Britain and Ireland are, respectively, while the Continent is located where continental Europe is today. In A Court of Mist and Fury it is said that the Black Land is located in the south of the continent and if the Erythrian Sea bathed its coasts then we could say that this sea represents the Mediterranean Sea and that the Cretea island could represent the island of Crete, located in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • According to the Treaty, Cretea would be illegal.


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