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Cresseida is a High Fae member of the Summer Court and Princess of Adriata. She is also the older sister of Varian.


A Court of Mist and Fury []

Cresseida was together with her High Lord, Tarquin, in Under the Mountain during Amarantha's reign of terror. When Feyre Archeron succeeded in ending it, she returned to her territory with the rest of the court inhabitants.

When Feyre, Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court, and Amren visited Adriata with the intention of searching for half of the Book of Breathings that was in their possession, she was among the group that received them at the palace.

During dinner she told Rhysand that she hoped he had not stolen Feyre and that Tamlin was not planning a war since according to the law, when they were in his court, they were to take her back to Tamlin or otherwise the Spring Court could go to war with them, something they couldn't risk.

During her stay at court Rhysand spent time with Cresseida and took her to dinner obtaining information about the Summer Court and Tarquin from Cresseida by flirting with her. She wanted to bed Rhysand but he refused. Feyre became jealous because she thought they had gone to her room, it is for that reason that she tried to make him jealous with Tarquin.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After Rhysand sent invitations to all High Lords of the courts to meet and see if they would join him in the War against Hybern, Cresseida sent him a letter telling him that Tarquin was considering attending, despite his enmity with Rhys, Feyre and Amren.

She was later present at the High Lords meeting in the Dawn Court as part of the Summer Court delegation alongside Tarquin and Varian. She was the first Summer Court Fae to stand up and support Feyre and agreed to form a united army with the forces of the six Allied Courts, with the exception of the Autumn Court which had left earlier and had not yet decided whether to ally with them or not.

She participated in the battle that broke out in the Summer Court when Hybern invaded them from the Spring Court and later took it upon herself to place a glamour on the court's army to make it seems as they were still there while they were actually heading towards the Winter Court which was where Hybern would attack next.

During the night before the final battle, when they discovered it would take place in the Mortal Lands of southern Prythian, the High Lords decided to winnow all mortals they could to safety and after Feyre suggested Velaris and Rhysand told her that it was far away, Tarquin offered Adriata. Cresseida was in charge of giving them food and taking care of the mortals who were brought there. She later attended the meeting called by Feyre to weigh the idea of ​​a new Treaty.


Cresseida is described as having dark skin, long, silver hair, and brown eyes. She is said to be extremely attractive.


Cresseida is shown to be very passionate about her people and can be rude to those who she believes may be a danger to them.


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