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Cresseida is a member of the Summer Court and Princess of Adriata. She is also the older sister of Varian.


Tarquin has told Cresseida of his idea of breaking down class barriers. He claims that she snickered when he told her.

Cresseida is first seen during Feyre's first visit to the Summer Court. She acts protectively of her people and subtly threatens Feyre by informing her that if Tamlin sends a letter to Tarquin requesting her return, they would have to obey or they risk war.

Rhysand obtains information about the Summer Court and Tarquin from Cresseida by flirting with her. She wanted to bed Rhysand but he refused.

Physical Appearance[]

Cresseida is described as having dark skin, white hair, and brown eyes. She is said to be extremely attractive.


Cresseida is shown to be very passionate about her people and can be rude to those who she believes may be a danger to them.


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