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There are seven Courts that rule Prythian, each with a High Lord ruling over it. They are divided into two, the Seasonal Courts and the Solar Courts. There is also the symbolic eighth Court, called The Middle, which is considered sacred.

Seasonal Courts[]

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The nature of the Seasonal Courts is linked to their High Lords, whose magic and will keeps them in eternal spring, summer, fall, or winter, like a strange stagnation.

Solar Courts[]

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The Solar Courts are of a more symbolic nature, each Court adhering to the laws of nature. All three Courts go through the rise and fall of the sun, however depending on their Court, it may be different for each. For example, the nights in the Night Court are said to be far more beautiful than those in other Courts.


  • Spring Court's symbol is a blooming rose, symbolizing the season of spring.
  • Summer Court's symbol is an ocean wave, symbolizing the season of summer.
  • Autumn Court's symbol consists of fall leaves, symbolizing the season of autumn.
  • Winter Court's symbol is an ice shard in the shape of a wolf, symbolizing winter.
  • Dawn Court's symbol is the sun rising from between the mountains, symbolizing dawn.
  • Day Court's symbol is the sun, symbolizing the day and sunlight.
  • Night Court's symbol is a mountain dotted with three stars, symbolizing the night.


  • Each Court of Prythian has an insignia with a design that symbolizes the Court.

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