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The Continent is the territory to the east of Prythian.


The Continent is the territory to the east of Prythian consisting of the rest of the Mortal Land realms like Scythia as well as other faerie lands like Vallahan, Montesere and Rask. The Continent is divided into two by the Wall, which separates the mortal lands from the faerie lands.


Before the War between Mortals and Immortals, to the south of the Continent was a kingdom of immortals called the Black Land where mortals were enslaved, ruled by a ruthless Queen.

This is where the Mortal Queens live in their palace and protect their half of the Book of Breathings.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

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A Court of Mist and Fury[]

The Mortal Queens express that if a war against Hybern should break out, they will protect the Continent and its people, but the southern territories of Prythian, where Feyre Archeron's family lives, will be left defenseless despite being part of the mortal realms.

When Feyre visits her family, her sister Elain Archeron tells her that one day they could go to the Continent to find more flowers for their garden. Feyre's father later travels to a place in the Continent called Neva for business reasons.[1]

Known Locations[]


  • What is considered the "continent" in the real world is the European continent with the exception of Great Britain and Ireland, which represent Prythian and Hybern respectively.


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