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A consort in the universe of A Court of Thorns and Roses series is the title that the male or female spouse of some ruling figure both in the realms of the faerie and in the Mortal Lands is referred as.

Circa 15,000 years before the events of the series it was common practice for the mates of High Lords to also be High Ladies. However, they could refuse the position and be consorts instead as Silene refused to be High Lady.[1] At some point, the practice stopped completely.

When Tamlin and Feyre Archeron were engaged to get married, she asks him if she will become the High Lady of the Spring Court, to which he tells her there are no High Ladies, that the wives of the High Lords were their consorts, referred to as Ladies of the court, nothing more.

Once Feyre finally leaves for the Night Court with Rhysand, they both realize that they are destined for each other and that they are mates, and that by the powers granted to her by the High Lords when they brought her back to life and Made her a High Fae, she will not be a mere consort but will rule the court at his side as a High Lady, the first in modern history.

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