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But she had a younger sister, Clythia, who fought at her side, as vicious and wretched as she...until Clythia fell in love with a mortal warrior. Jurian.

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Clythia was a former general of Hybern and the younger sister of Amarantha.


During the War Clythia fought against the mortals alongside her older sister, Amarantha. She was just as vicious as her sister, but subsequently fell in love with the mortal general Jurian and sought him out. Blind to his intentions she did not realize she was being used for information, and was eventually killed by Jurian, who crucified her with ash wood. Her death spurred her sister to torture and kill Jurian in revenge, which ultimately cost Hybern the war.[1]


Clythia was as sadistic as her sister and viciously slaughtered mortals in the War. She was also quite naive, as she was unwilling to heed her sister's warnings about Jurian and trusted him completely, despite them being on opposing sides.