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But she had a younger sister, Clythia, who fought at her side, as vicious and wretched as she... until Clythia fell in love with a mortal warrior. Jurian.

Alis to Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Clythia was a former general of Hybern and the younger sister of Amarantha.


Clythia was born in Hybern, a kingdom of Fae located west of Prythian.

She had a sister named Amarantha and when they were older, during the War against humans, they both joined the army of the King of Hybern, Amarantha being one of the generals.

During the war, Clythia fell deeply in love with a mortal general, Jurian, and sought him out. Blind to his intentions, he deceived her by pretending to reciprocate her feelings and after she revealed enough information about the Fae, he crucified her with ash wood and cut her into pieces.

The death of her sister was the excuse Amarantha gave the High Lords of Prythian to visit their Courts, saying that it had changed her. Believing her, the High Lords allowed her to stay and she cleverly stole most of their powers, putting all of Prythian at her mercy and proclaiming herself the High Queen of Prythian.

Her death spurred her sister to torture and kill Jurian in revenge, which ultimately cost Hybern the war.[1]


Clythia was as sadistic as her sister and viciously slaughtered mortals in the War. She was also quite naive, as she was unwilling to heed her sister's warnings about Jurian and trusted him completely, despite them being on opposing sides.


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