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There, nailed high on the wall of the enormous cavern, was the mangled corpse of a young woman. Her skin was burned in places, her fingers were bent at odd angles, and garish red lines crisscrossed her naked body.

Feyre Archeron on Clare's corpse, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Clare Beddor was a mortal girl who lived with her family in Feyre's Village. She befriended Nesta Archeron, Feyre Archeron's older sister.



Clare was born in the Beddor family, a family who lived near a poor village to which Feyre and his family moved when her father made a bad deal and lost his fortune. Sometime before the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses, she became friends with Feyre's sister, Nesta.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

She was first mentioned by Nesta when she told Feyre that Clare had told her that Tomas Mandray was planning to ask for her hand in marriage.

Later, when Feyre was already in the Spring Court, having lunch with Tamlin and Lucien Vanserra, Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court visits unexpectedly, and discovered Feyre in the house. He asks her name and she lies telling him that her name is 'Clare Beddor'. Rhysand being able to read Feyre's weak mortal mind he knows that she gave the wrong name so when he returned Under the Mountain he gives it to Amarantha, the self-proclaimed High Queen of Prythian, anyway. After this event Tamlin decided that Feyre would be safer with her family, who thanks to him had returned to their previous social position, and when she returned to the village to distribute gold and silver among the poor, she heard Tomas Mandray and his friends allude to a house that had burned down.

When she was back at her house, her sister Elain Archeron told her that the Beddor family had died from a fire that consumed their house and that they had not found Clare's body, so Feyre realized that it was the Fae who had done it and she returned as fast as she could to Prythian.

Finding the Spring Court empty, except for Alis, who accompanied her to a passage that led to Under the Mountain, where she found Clare's inert, naked and tortured body nailed to a wall. She had suffered Amarantha's torture for being Tamlin's love when she actually had no idea why she was being tortured.

Rhysand and Tamlin are both present during this event.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

When Rhysand tells Feyre the truth behind what happened Under the Mountain, he reveals that he controlled Clare's mind while she was being tortured, blocking all pain and telling her when to scream. After a while he simply broke her mind, killing her. He claims she never felt any pain throughout the ordeal.


  • The name Clare is Medieval English form of Clara. This is also the name of an Irish county, which was originally named for the Norman invader Richard de Clare (known as Strongbow), whose surname was derived from the name of an English river.[1]


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