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Our benevolent masters would never harm us. Prythian is a land of peace and plenty. Should they bless you with their attention, you would be glad to live amongst them.

–Children of the Blessed on Prythian A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Children of the Blessed are a group of fanatical mortals that worship the High Fae.

Purpose and Beliefs[]

The Children of the Blessed worship the High Fae as gods. They believe the Fae are kind and good, choosing to ignore the cruelty the Fae wrought upon humans when they ruled over them. Even with all of their worshiping towards the High Fae, the High Fae themselves see the Children as no more than naive and only used for entertainment.

The group occasionally sends one of their members to cross the border into Prythian. They believe that if the member doesn't return, they have been accepted by the High Fae and are now living in luxury. In reality, the member is killed by the dangerous faeries living in Prythian.


Those who do not believe in the goodness of High Fae and remember their cruelty, treat the Children of the Blessed with disdain and disgust. They frequently call them various insulting names and mock them. They are tolerated by the leaders of villages, who give them hours or days to operate throughout the village and preach their beliefs. They are seen as an annoyance.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Feyre Archeron travels to the village market with her sisters to sell her recent catch. At the market she and her sisters are stopped by a member of the Children of the Blessed, who tries to get them to stop and hear the Word of the Blessed. Nesta snaps at the acolyte, mocking her and revealing her iron bracelet which angers the acolyte, who sees it as an affront against the High Fae, since iron is supposed to be harmful to them. As they converse, a few villagers pass and throw insults at the acolyte. After telling the acolyte to leave them alone, the sisters continue to the village market.


  • The acolytes wear silver bracelets and jewelry which they believe attracts the High Fae.