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Our benevolent masters would never harm us. Prythian is a land of peace and plenty. Should they bless you with their attention, you would be glad to live amongst them.

–Children of the Blessed on Prythian, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Children of the Blessed are a group of fanatical mortals that worship faeries, especially the High Fae.

Purpose and Beliefs[]

The Children of the Blessed worship the High Fae as gods. They believe faeries are kind and good, choosing to ignore the cruelty the Fae wrought upon humans when they ruled over them. Even with all of their worshiping towards the High Fae, the High Fae themselves see the Children of the Blessed as no more than naive and only used for entertainment.

The group occasionally sends one of their members to cross the border into Prythian. They believe that if the member doesn't return, they have been accepted by the High Fae and are now living in luxury. In reality, the member is killed by the dangerous faeries living in Prythian.


Those who do not believe in the goodness of High Fae and remember their cruelty, treat the Children of the Blessed with disdain and disgust. They frequently call them various insulting names and mock them. They are tolerated by the leaders of villages, who give them hours or days to operate throughout the village and preach their beliefs. They are seen as an annoyance.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

When Feyre Archeron goes to the market in the village with her sisters Nesta and Elain Archeron to sell the skins of her recent catch, they come across a young woman belonging to the Children of the Blessed who is in the center of the square seeking to attract new members by preaching the Word of the Blessed. She tells them about worshiping the High Fae and Nesta tells her not to go near them, snaps at the acolyte, mocking her and revealing her iron bracelet. A few villagers pass and throw insults at the acolyte, and a woman calls her "Faerie-loving whore".

Instead of being angry, the young woman feels sorry for her, telling her that long ago she lived in such ignorance as well.

The young woman says that a friend of hers is living in Prythian and is married to a High Fae who gives her everything she wants, but later in the story we learn that all the humans belonging to the Children of the Blessed who come to Prythian as tributes to the faeries are captured, tortured and killed by Amarantha.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When Feyre is with Lucien Vanserra, Jurian and the twins Dagdan and Brannagh investigating the weak points of the wall on the border with the Spring Court, they cross paths with three Children of the Blessed, a dark-haired girl, a ruddy brown-haired girl and a brown-haired young man, whom Dagdan and Brannagh try to kill, but Feyre shields them with her power and they are able to flee.

Later that night the twins from Hybern hunt them down and kill them anyway to show that Feyre can't contain them. Because of this, Feyre makes the Bogge hunt them down.

Later, when she goes to find her sister Elain with Azriel at the Hybern war camp, she sees a group of Children of the Blessed tortured and murdered, of which only one girl remains alive.

She decides to rescue her, as well as her sister, and asks Jurian, who is a spy in the camp, to take her to a place where she can pick her up later. He does so, but then Feyre and Az get attacked by Hybern beasts, and their wings shredded, which stops them from being able to fly correctly. Tamlin, who turns out to be a spy as well, comes between them and the dozens of beasts, fighting them for Feyre and Azriel to try and get away. When they can't fly, he sends a large gust of his wind power to push them across the waters to safety. When Feyre and Azriel get away with Elain and the girl, they take her with them to their own war camp. Feyre asks what her name is, and she tells her it is Briar.

Briar is later seen walking through the Winter Court camp with Morrigan, Viviane and her sister. Viviane has one arm wrapped affectionately around her shoulders.


  • The acolytes wear silver bracelets and jewelry which they believe attracts the High Fae.