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Catrin Berdara was a Priestess that lived at Sangravah and was murdered when Hybern invaded. She was also the fraternal twin sister of Gwyneth Berdara.


Catrin Berdara's grandmother was a River Nymph that seduced one of the High Fae males of the Autumn Court. When her mother was born, she was unwanted by the Spring Court and the Autumn Court and was given to the temple at Sangravah. During the Great Rite, a High Fae male was chosen that night and Catrin's mother was involved in the sacred union. Catrin and her fraternal twin Gwyneth were conceived that night. Their mother never found out who that male was.

She lived all her life at Sangravah, and later on, became a priestess. After their mother's death, Catrin is the one Gwyn relied on, she took care of Gwyn and looked out for her.

When she was 26 years old, Hybern invaded the Temple. Catrin ordered her sister, Gwyn, to go and gather the children and run for the catacomb tunnels while she headed to the temple walls. Catrin was then captured by Hybern. Hybern's general along with his soldiers found Gwyn in kitchens after she smuggled the children through the hidden trapdoor. They asked her about the location of the children but she refused to say a word. The general detected similar scents on Catrin and Gwyneth, they dragged Catrin in front of Gwyn and asked Gwyn again about the children. Gwyn refused to answer and the General beheaded Catrin in front of her along with two other priestesses.[1]


She had black onyx hair and skin pale as the moon. She also had webbed fingers like the River Nymph.[1]


Gwyn describes that her twin had always been the strong one, the smart and charming one. She was as moody as the sea. Despite her faults, Catrin and Gwyn loved one another dearly.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Invoking Stone: As a priestess, Catrin would have possessed an invoking stone, which is similar to the Illyrian Siphons, however, they cannot be used for harm, only healing and protection.[1]


Gwyneth Berdara[]

Catrin and Gwyn grew up together in the temple at Sangravah. After their mother's death, Catrin took care of Gwyn. She was the one Gwyn looked up to. Despite their differences, the sisters love one another dearly.

Gwyn and Catrin used to braid bracelets and put little charms on them full of wishes for each other. They believed that each wish would come true once the bracelet fell off.

Even after two years, Gwyneth remains to grieve and carry the guilt of her twin sister's death. She misses Catrin every day.


  • Catrin was a High Fae but with a trace of lesser Fae bloodline of River Nymph.[1]
  • Catrin's bones were slightly more pliant than of a High Fae's due to her River Nymph blood.[1]
  • Catrin and Gwyn were conceived on The Great Rite/Calanmai "beginning of Spring/March", and since Fae pregnancies span 10 months, she and her twin were likely born in January.