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I can think of no better way to end my existence than to defend those who need it most.

–Cassian to Nesta Archeron, A Court of Mist and Fury

Cassian (pronounced: Cas-e-an[3]) is an Illyrian member of the Night Court and part of Rhysand's Inner Circle. He is a childhood friend of Rhysand and Azriel. He rose to become the General Commander of Rhysand's - the Night Court's - armies. He is considered to be one of the most powerful Illyrians in Prythian history, along with Rhysand and Azriel.

He's Nesta Archeron's mate and currently resides with her in the House of Wind.


Early Life[]

Cassian is the bastard son of an Illyrian war-camp laundress and an unknown warrior, who raped his mother, which resulted in Cassian's birth. As soon as his mother weaned him and he could walk, he was left in a distant war camp, Windhaven, for training. As a bastard, he received nothing and had to find his own shelter, food, and clothes. Cassian resorted to challenging other kids to fight and got their clothes as a prize.

Years later, when he was old and strong enough, he came back to the camp he had been born into and discovered that the males of the camp had worked his mother until she died.

When Rhysand was taken to the same camp for training, Cassian beat him into a bloody mess for his new, clean training clothes, costing them three lashings each, which was considered an encouragement to keep fighting by Illyrian standards.

That night, when Rhysand was home with his mother, he saw Cassian walking through the mud to get to tents outside the camp. Rhysand did not take it well, understanding for the first time what it was to be warm, safe, and cared for. He woke Cassian in the middle of the night to take him to his house. Rhysand's mother took Cassian in and provided him with a home and shelter from then on. However, Rhysand and Cassian hated each other until Azriel arrived at camp and they decided to be allies. They made his life a living hell. As they and the other males around them grew older, the three males realized everyone else hated them enough that they had better odds of survival sticking together.

The other males knew that the three were different. They were stronger and faster, like the Cauldron knew they'd been set apart and wanted them to find each other. As their power grew, Cassian and Azriel became the first bastard-born Illyrians to ever receive a siphon. When they were begrudgingly appointed, it had every warrior in every camp across the mountains sizing them up.

During the War, when Rhysand's father saw that his son had allied with the two most powerful Illyrian warriors in history and feared the three warriors would turn against him and rival him in power, he separated them. Rhysand was given command over a legion, Azriel was kept as his personal shadowsinger in his court, and Cassian was put in a different legion to be a common foot soldier, even when his power outranked any of the war-leaders. The three males only saw each other on battlefields for the seven years the War raged. When casualty lists were sent around the Illyrians, they would read each one, wondering if they'd see their friends' names on it.

Although he, as an Illyrian bastard, was expected to be a bottom-ranked soldier forever, Cassian's strength and power took him to the top of the ranks as a General Commander of the Night Court's armies and into Rhysand's Inner Circle, once Rhysand became the High Lord of the Night Court.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Cassian is introduced to Feyre Archeron at the House of Wind when Rhysand introduces her to his Inner Circle after she leaves the Spring Court. He asks her how she made the bone ladder to trap the Middengard Wyrm. This makes her angry and she retorts by asking, "How the hell did you manage to survive this long without anyone killing you?" This makes Cassian tip his head back and laugh. During the dinner, Cassian is the one who tells the story of how he, Azriel, and Rhysand met and became friends. He offers to train Feyre so she can fight.

As the General of the Night Court's armies, he trains Feyre in battle combat. He accompanies Feyre and Rhysand when they go to her family's estate. There he meets Nesta. He finds her to be an equal match in quarreling and taunting. Eventually, it is hinted he has a more physical interest in her. Later on, during the second visit with the mortal queens to the estate, Cassian promises to help take care of her and her family if a war begins. When they are all trapped in the King of Hybern's Castle, he stirs when he hears Nesta screaming, despite being unconscious and having his wings shredded.

Wings and Embers[]

When Cassian visits the Archeron's estate and is talking to Nesta, it is implied in Nesta's reaction to something he says that a man had tried to rape her. Cassian is able to tell and it incenses him causing him to feel inclined to defend her. He asks her who he is but Nesta refuses to tell him. Nesta teases Cassian and he retaliates, hoping to anger Nesta into opening up. Nesta then pretends that she is going to kiss him, only to kick him square in the nuts and leave him alone in the room to try and sort through his jumbled feelings.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When Feyre and Lucien Vanserra were making his return trip to the Night Court they had to cross the Autumn Court, where they were attacked by Lucien's half-brothers: Eris and two unnamed brothers, at the request of their father, Beron Vanserra, the High Lord of the court. They manage to flee from the brothers and cross the border into the Winter Court but were once again attacked by Lucien's brothers and were only saved when Cassian and Azriel came to their rescue. Cassian fights off Eris, while Azriel and Lucien fight off the others. They take them to meet up with Morrigan, who then takes them to Velaris.

Once on Velaris, they met with Rhysand and began to weigh their various possible allies.

Later, Cassian goes with Feyre and Rhys to see Feyre's sisters who are in Velaris having recently been turned into High Fae but with peculiar powers, especially Nesta, and as the King of Hybern wanted back the power that Nesta took from the Cauldron, he sent two of his Ravens to kidnap her, which they were unable to do and died trying.

Following the attack, Varian, the Prince of Adriata sent a message to Amren warning her that the city was under attack by Hybern. Quickly Rhysand rallied his troops and alongside his Inner Circle, with the exception of Amren, marched to the Summer Court.

When the High Lords agreed to hold the meeting the event was at the Dawn Court Palace, owned by Thesan, the High Lord of the Dawn Court, as it was the place closest to the Middle. The meeting was attended by the seven High Lords with their delegations and after several discussions and altercations they agreed to join forces against Hybern, with the exception of the Autumn Court who left after Feyre showed that when they revived her each of the High Lords gave her a little of their power unknowingly.

During the second day of the meeting they hear a great roar and Nesta, who has a connection to the Cauldron, tells them that the King has used it to destroy the Wall.

This was followed by a battle between Hybern and the joint armies of the Summer Court and the Night Court (the latter consisting of Illyrians and the Darkbringers of the Hewn City) where the defenders of Prythian were victorious, and at the end of the battle Tarquin drowned all the soldiers of Hybern who were still alive. After the conflict ended, they were informed that Hybern's next attack would be on the Winter Court so they glamoured the armies so that it seemed that they were still there and moved to the Winter Court for the new battle.

This battle was bloodier and narrowly won by the Prythian forces. In this fight Cassian was seriously injured.

After the battle, while in the war camp, the Cauldron deceived Elain, posing as her ex-fiancé Graysen, and took her to the Hybern camp, from where she was rescued, along with Briar, by Feyre and Azriel with the help of Jurian (who proved he had never actually been on Hybern's side but was a spy) and Tamlin, who also happened to be a spy.

When they learned that the final battle would take place in the Mortal Lands, the High Lords agreed to shelter as many mortals as possible to Adriata to save their lives. After that the armies marched to the battlefield, where the Bone Carver and Bryaxis (recruited by Feyre) and Stryga, the Weaver, (recruited by Rhys) also arrived to aid them in battle. Shortly after, they are joined by the forces of the Spring Court and Autumn Court as well as an army of mortals led by Jurian and Graysen. During the course of the battle the King used the force of the Cauldron thus assassinating many defenders of Prythian (among them the Bone Carver) and soldiers of his own army. Cassian was saved from the destructive force of the Cauldron thanks to Nesta's scream, which made him turn away from where he was, which was where the blow occurred. When it seemed that their forces would be overwhelmed, reinforcements arrived from Cretea, the island of Drakon and Miryam and also mortals from the mainland led by Feyre's father and Vassa, the sixth mortal queen mentioned in the previous book.

Knowing that the only way to win was by nullifying the Cauldron's powers, Nesta planned a distraction for the King to take him away from the Cauldron so Feyre and Amren could get closer to it. When she did she was with Cassian. Amren told Feyre to place her hands on the Cauldron and she did, only to be trapped by the visions that the Cauldron began to give her, showing how the King used her father as a human shield and broke his neck. It also showed her how, after smashing Cassian's wings and breaking his leg the King was about to kill Nesta and Cassian, Elain emerged from behind him and stabbed him in the neck with Azriel's sword, Truth-Teller, and then Nesta used the sword to cut off his head.

At the end of the war he attended a meeting called by Feyre in the ruins of the Archeron's Estate to renegotiate a new Treaty between Fae and mortals.

He was last seen drinking at Velaris with his friends.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

After the end of the War against Hybern, Cassian set about trying to control the wave of animosity that reigned among the Illyrians, who were furious at the casualties they had suffered in the War. For this he went to the Windhaven Camp, led by Devlon, with whom he had several clashes due to his reluctance to let the women train.

As Winter Solstice approached he had to begin searching gifts for others, including Nesta, with whom he had not spoken since the end of the war due to her being distant from the others. The day of the celebration it was a surprise for him to see her at The Town House and when she left he tried to accompany her, which he only gave up when she refused to take the gift he had bought for her and she said she didn't want anything from him. In a fit of fury he threw the gift into the Sidra River.

A Court of Silver Flames[]


House of Sky and Breath[]

The following section contains details and spoilers for the Crescent City series

After Bryce Quinlan manages to escape the Asteri by opening a gate to travel through the worlds to reach Hel in order to request aid from the Princes, she accidentally lands somewhere in Velaris near the Sidra River instead, carrying with her the Starsword. Azriel finds her, blindfolds her, and flies her to a residence, carrying her to the living room.

A moment later, the doors to the foyer open and Amren, Cassian and Nesta appear. Bryce sees Amren first, then has the idea to try to communicate with them in the only other language she knew, the ancient language of the Fae, of the Starborn. Amren stagers back, surprised to hear her speak the language as no one has spoken it in their world for fifteen thousand years, and the others gape. Amren notices the Starsword and nods to Azriel's knife, Truth-Teller, at his side. The knife is the twin to the sword as it glimmers with dark light in answer to the sword's white light. Amren whispers that the Starsword is actually Gwydion.

Bryce tells Amren she needs to find Prince Aidas or Apollion, the Prince of the Pit. She replies saying she doesn't know them and that their world is not Hel. At this moment, the front door opens again, Feyre enters the room, Rhysand entering after her. Bryce pleads her case to Amren and she translates to the others. Feyre then asks Bryce for her name, and Amren translates the question. Bryce addresses Rhysand and Feyre noticing they possess an air of authority, and tells them her name. Rhysand steps forward and introduces himself in the Old Language.


Cassian is tall with black, shoulder-length hair, massive, membranous wings, golden-brown skin, and hazel eyes. He is described to be incredibly handsome however in a more rugged way than his two brothers. His features are described as being rough-hewn, as though he'd been made of wind, earth, and flame, and all these civilized trappings were little more than an inconvenience. Being Illyrian he has rounded ears and huge membranous black wings that end in talons. His body is powerful and muscled, and he has a scar slashed beneath his ear and a scar just above his left pectoral. He wears a long sword strapped down the column of his spine.

Illyrian warriors typically wear one or two Siphons, to channel their raw power into something useful. Cassian requires seven of these to control his immense power.


Nesta Archeron[]

Main article: Cassian and Nesta

Cassian considers Nesta a challenge and a worthy opponent. He initially confronts Nesta for letting Feyre take care of them while she did not do anything to help. Eventually, it is hinted he has a more physical interest in her. Later on, during the second visit of the mortal queens to the family's estate, Cassian promises to help take care of her and her family if a war begins. When they are all trapped in the King of Hybern's castle, he stirs when he hears Nesta screaming, despite being unconscious and having his wings shredded.

During A Court of Wings and Ruin Nesta was extremely rude to him, despite his attempts to show her that he was there for her. He offered to train her on several occasions, but she always refused.

Nesta saved him by causing him to move away from his position on the battlefield moments before the Cauldron released a bolt of power that killed many soldiers. Cassian is injured, Nesta waited outside his tent until she heard that he was going to be okay. When the King of Hybern injures Cassian severely and was about to kill them Nesta refuses to leave him and shields his body with her own, for if one of them was going to die, the other would die with them. Cassian kisses Nesta and tells he wishes they had more time.

In Wings and Embers, Cassian makes sexual advances towards Nesta, asking if she has ever been with a male, which makes Nesta remember nearly being raped by a human named Tomas Mandray. Cassian notices the distress on her face and realizes Nesta had a bad experience with a male and tells her he will hunt the male down if Nesta wishes.

After the war with Hybern, Nesta withdraws from the Inner Circle and her family. Cassian struggles with his feelings for her, and she struggles with her feelings towards him.

In A Court of Frost and Starlight, Cassian is struggling with what is happening with Nesta. He and Nesta have not spoken at all, or only exchanging a few words here and there. He visits his mother's supposed grave, not knowing if she was buried here, yet his thoughts get distracted by Nesta, though he ignores them. Cassian mentions that he has multiple poses for Nesta, ranging from "I Will Eat Your Eyes For Breakfast" to "I Don't Want Cassian to Know I'm Reading Smut." While "decorating," Cassian and Feyre get drunk and he makes a joke about Amren. Amren teases him about starting a war he can't win, especially with Nesta coming for Solstice in two days. Cassian's mood changes and he snaps at Amren. She also says that she will enjoy seeing Nesta shred into Cassian if she is sober enough. Cassian tries to avoid anything concerning Nesta for a while until Solstice. When Nesta shows up to Solstice, Cassian tries to act relaxed and the entire time they do not speak a word to each other.

After dinner, Nesta leaves after Feyre pays her rent. Cassian chases after her and goes to walk her home, on the other side of the city. He notes that Nesta has lost weight, but still looks as beautiful as she did when he met her at her father's house. Nesta notices something in his hand and Cassian explains that it is a gift for her. She says she doesn't want it or anything from him. Cassian thinks back on how he tells himself that he doesn't care she is having sex with different males and he doesn't care who she lost her virginity to. He told himself that he doesn't want to know if he meant anything to her. They argue some more and Cassian tells her he does not understand why her sisters love her and to "try" which she only replies with "go home, Cassian" then walks away leaving him behind. Cassian, hurt by her rejection throws her present into the Sidra before he flies after her until she gets into her apartment. He waits on a nearby roof until she blows her candle out. Cassian goes back to the town house late in the night and knocks back a drink before going to his shared room with Azriel and Mor follows him.

In A Court of Silver Flames the two struggle a lot with Nesta's situation and eventually initiate a sexual relationship, both convinced they're not enough for the other. On the Solstice, however, they finally commit to each other and their mating bond snaps into place. Cassian avoids her afterward, not wanting to scare her but when he eventually voices what they've both aware of, that they're mates, Nesta gets angry as she doesn't want to be defined by Fae words and lose the last tie she has to humanity. In the end, when Cassian nearly plunges a knife into his own heart to avoid hurting her Nesta explodes with the force of the Cauldron, saving both their lives. She eventually accepts the bond and they have a mating ceremony, receiving the House of Wind as a gift from Feyre and Rhys. Nesta also reveals to Cassian she's changed herself, learning from what the Cauldron did to Feyre in order to heal her from Nyx's birth, so they'll be able to have kids when they are ready.

Feyre Archeron[]

Feyre and Cassian develop a close friendship. Cassian is the first person she meets in Prythian who had ever known what it was like to be hungry and desperate like she had been. When telling her the story of how he grew up, their eyes meet and she swears she can see "the words in his eyes: You know what it is like. You know the mark it leaves."


When Mor was sold in marriage to Eris, the eldest son of the High Lord of the Autumn Court and Lucien's eldest brother, Rhysand took her to the Illyrian camp. When she saw Cassian, she decided that she wanted to lose her virginity thus ruining her value as a bride to avoid being given to Eris. As Cassian was the strongest warrior, she chose him. One night when Rhysand and his mother left the camp, taking Azriel with them, Cassian and Mor slept together. However, when Rhysand heard, he fought with Cassian. Cassian and Mor decided to step away from each other to avoid further problems within the group of friends.

In Wings and Embers, Cassian clearly states that one of the reasons he did it was jealousy over Azriel and Mor showing interest in each other. He regretted it the first moment and didn't even know she was a virgin. In A Court of Mist and Fury, when Feyre asks if they had something, Morrigan replies "Once. Well, not even. I was seventeen, he wasn't even a year older." Explaining it was all a disaster due to her horrible situation.

In A Court of Silver Flames, Cassian states to Eris, that he defends her because she is like a sister to him.[4] As such Cassian quelled any further desire for Mor. His lust turned into affection and all romantic feelings turned into familial bonds. They have never been together since that only encounter, but remain close friends who consider themselves family and enjoy bantering with each other.[2]


  • Cassian was banned from the Summer Court because the last time he visited he destroyed a building.
  • He hides a lot of his insecurity about being a bastard and his shyness behind a sarcastic and playful façade.
  • He longs for a sense of belonging and a bond like the one Feyre and Rhysand share.
  • In A Court of Silver Flames he and Nesta are revealed to be mates and Cassian confirms he's suspected she was his from the moment he met her, even if she was still human back then.
  • It is a tradition between Rhys, Cassian and Azriel since they were children to go on the morning of Winter Solstice to Rhysand's cabin and build forts out of snow. Then they have a snowball fight all morning.
  • Sarah J. Maas stated that Cassian would be sorted into Gryffindor if he attended Hogwarts.[5]
  • Cassian is allergic to pollen. Whenever he is near pollen his nose starts running, his skin itches and he sneezes. Especially when he is in the Spring Court.[6][7]


  1. In A Court of Thorns and Roses it is said that the War occurred 500 before the events of the book and in A Court of Mist and Fury Rhysand says that he began his training at the age of 8, which lasted 20 years and then the war broke out. He was 28 years old when the War began and it lasted 7 years, so if we add the 500 years from the end of the war to the beginning of the series, plus the additional year from the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses until A Court of Mist and Fury we can say Rhysand was 536 years old in A Court of Mist and Fury. In the same book Rhys says that he and Morrigan are the same age and on one occasion she said that Cassian was a year older than her, which is why he is 537 years old.
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