Bryaxis is a creature of nightmares which resides in the cavernous pit in the library of the Night Court. It made its first appearance when the King of Hybern sent his Ravens to capture Nesta. Feyre made a bargain with it, in return for killing the Ravens it stated that it wanted company "to tell (it) of life." Feyre agrees and it attacks them brutally. As a marker for Feyre's new bargain, a tattoo appears around Feyre's left arm; it is a band about as thick around as her finger. Later Feyre makes another bargain. Claiming that "if it fights in the war, on their side she will install a window in the library so it can look at the sun and stars."


  • Bryaxis was the name of one of the most famous Greek sculptors of the 3rd century B.C.E. He is best known for having been one of four commissioned sculptors to carve the tomb of the deceased king, Mausolus of Caria (from whose name we get the word 'mausoleum').

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