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Brutius was one of Tarquin's lordlings and his cousin. He was caught trying to escape Amarantha's court via the path leading to the Spring Court. Therefore Rhysand took hold of his mind, interrogating and then killing him.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Brutius was the cousin of Nostrus, the former High Lord of the Summer Court, and the cousin of Tarquin. During Amarantha's reign of terror as High Queen of Prythian, he, along with the rest of his cousin's court, lived Under the Mountain. Another cousin of Tarquin, Nostrus, was the High Lord before taking part in a rebellion against Amarantha in conjunction with other High Lords, so she assassinated him and appointed Tarquin in his place.

When Feyre Archeron was Under the Mountain she witnessed when Amarantha sent for Rhysand because they had found Brutius trying to escape through the cave that led to the Spring Court. Amarantha ordered Rhysand to use his daemati powers to read his mind and he discovered that the High Fae was trying to flee south, beyond the the Wall to live in the Mortal Lands. During the process, Brutius was so afraid that he wet himself. Amarantha then told Rhysand to destroy his mind but Rhysand instead destroyed his brain, killing him on the spot as a show of mercy, which infuriated the High Queen.

Tarquin was very relieved when Rhysand murdered him as apparently he wasn't just trying to run away and Rhysand covered up his true motives.

A Court of Mist and Fury []

In this book we learn the true name of this High Fae and the reasons why he wanted to flee from Under the Mountain. He was trying to recruit allies to start a revolution against Amarantha planned by Tarquin but he was caught before he managed to leave the place. Rhysand saw the truth in his mind but made up the story he told Amarantha.


He is described as a brown-skinned High Fae male with white hair and blue eyes.

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