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This unnamed young man is a mortal who is one of the Children of the Blessed.


A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When the Princes of Hybern, Dagdan and Brannagh, are studying the holes of the Wall next to Feyre Archeron, Lucien Vanserra and Jurian, they encounter three Children of the Blessed who are about to enter Prythian. This young man, a ruddy brown-haired girl, and a dark-haired girl. They tell them that they want to live among the faerie and while Feyre tells them that they should go, that only death awaits them there, the princes try to convince them to cross.

At this Feyre enters their minds and makes them think that if they cross they would kill them, scared, the three flee again to the Mortal Lands. When she is in their minds Feyre can see that this young man has lived on the streets of a big village selling his body until the Children of the Blessed found him.

Brannagh marks him as her prey and as soon as it got dark she and her brother cross the wall and find the spot where the three are camping. They are taken to Prythian and after terrorizing them, they feasted on them. They leave their remains for Feyre to find and realize that they are not taking orders from her. When Feyre and Lucien find them the next morning Lucien covers their remains with his cloak and together they send the Bogge to hunt down the twins in revenge. Thanks to this Jurian realizes he can trust Feyre to care for mortals.

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