I haven't seen you two troublemakers in a while.

Ianthe about Bron and Hart, A Court of Mist and Fury

Bron is a sentinel from the Spring Court. He is brown-haired and tall.


Like many High Fae in Prythian, Bron was a witness to Feyre's trials in Under the Mountain. He was particularly impressed with how Feyre defeated the Middengard Wyrm.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Bron is only properly introduced to Feyre on the day before her wedding to Tamlin. Bron and his friend, Hart, briefly discuss High Lord Rhysand and his bargain with Feyre. Rhysand has not yet called in the bargain and taken Feyre to the Night Court, and Bron wonders when this will occur. [1]

After Feyre leaves the Spring Court and stays in the Night Court permanently, Lucien, Bron and Hart search for her. They search for two months until they finally find her, but Feyre refuses to leave. Rhysand appears and Bron begins to shake with fear. The three of them, and the other four sentinels, retreat back to Spring Court after Feyre and Rhysand threaten them. [2]



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