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Briar is a mortal and a member of the Children of the Blessed.


A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After the collapse of the Wall, Hybern established their war camp in the mortal lands of southern Prythian. Briar, along with other Children of the Blessed, were imprisoned and tortured. It is not known if they were brought there or if they, following their beliefs, presented themselves to worship the High Fae.

Later, when Feyre goes to find her sister Elain with Azriel at the Hybern war camp, she sees a group of Children of the Blessed tortured and murdered, of which only one girl remains alive.

She decides to rescue her, as well as her sister, and asks Jurian, who is a spy in the camp, to take her to a place where she can pick her up later. He does so, but then Feyre and Az get attacked by Hybern beasts, and their wings shredded, which stops them from being able to fly correctly. Tamlin, who turns out to be a spy as well, comes between them and the dozens of beasts, fighting them for Feyre and Azriel to try and get away. When they can't fly, he sends a large gust of his wind power to push them across the waters to safety. When Feyre and Azriel get away with Elain and the girl, they take her with them to their own war camp. Feyre asks what her name is, and she tells her it is Briar

Briar is later seen walking through the Winter Court with Mor, Viviane, and Viviane's sister. Viviane's arm wrapped affectionately around her shoulders.


Briar is a short, slender, young, and beautiful girl. She has pale skin and long black hair.


Briar is seen to be quite resilient. Despite her burns and lashings from Hybern's soldiers, she was able to walk without Azriel or Feyre's help when both of them were too injured to move.

She also gave her last scraps of clothing during their escape to help Feyre's wounds.


  • Like Cresseida, Briar shares name with a character from another Sarah J. Maas series: Throne of Glass. Briar is one of the Ironteeth Witches of Manon Blackbeak's Thirteen.
  • Briar's name translates to "wild bush of thorny roses".[1] This could hint at her ending up in the Spring Court, as the thorny rose is their symbol, and Tamlin had a hand in saving her life at the Hybern Camp.


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