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Queen Briallyn is the fourth of the Mortal Queens of the Continent. After being turned into a High Fae crone by the Cauldron as punishment for Nesta stealing some of its power, she decided to find a way to regain her youth from the Cauldron and enact her revenge against the Fae of Prythian and Nesta herself.


The fourth of the Mortal Queens, she, along with the first three, sold their youngest co-ruler, Vassa, to the death god and sorcerer, Koschei.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Years later, she and the remaining four were approached by the Night Court to help them defend their land against the King of Hybern with the Book of Breathings, which they had half of. They agreed to meet at the Archeron family estate, only to refuse giving the Book unless High Lord Rhysand gave them something good that was Made by the Cauldron before leaving. Briallyn does not attend the second meeting between the eldest queen and Demetra.

After finding out that Demetra betrayed them by giving the Night Court their half of the Book during the second meeting, the four eldest queens, including Briallyn, had Demetra murdered for her deception, and allied themselves with Jurian and the King of Hybern, providing Demetra's body as a symbol of their new allies.

Briallyn and the three queens later meet the King of Hybern once the Cauldron was put together. After witnessing it Making Elain and Nesta Archeron into High Fae, Briallyn volunteers to submerge herself into the Cauldron and come out as High Fae as the Night Court fled. Yet the Cauldron, wanting to punish someone after Nesta took some of its powers during her Making, turned Briallyn into a withered, High Fae crone, much to her horror and outrage.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Seeing the effects of the Cauldron on Briallyn, the three eldest queens and she return to their shared palace on the Continent. Briallyn then swore revenge against Nesta for angering the Cauldron, which resulted in her new, painful form. While providing some reinforcement for the King of Hybern, she and the three queens stayed in their palace for the remainder of the war.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Allying herself with the death lord Koschei, Briallyn decided to plan an assault on Prythian so she could find the remains of the Cauldron and discover a way to regain her youth, while also planning revenge against Nesta. To do this, she searched for the Dread Troves, three artifacts Made by the Cauldron to help her invasion and locate the Cauldron. Thanks to the help of Beron, High Lord of the Autumn Court, she gained access to the Crown, and took control of two dozen of Eris' soldiers.

(*to be continued*)


Physical description[]

As a mortal, Queen Briallyn was a woman in her early thirties with a cunning beauty about her, with black hair and eyes. However, after volunteering to be the first to submerge herself in the Cauldron, she became a High Fae with the appearance of a withered crone.

Powers and abilities[]

As one of the mortal queens, Briallyn is able to winnow when she is with several of her fellow queens.






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