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Brannagh was the twin sister of Dagdan and the niece of the King of Hybern. She travels alongside her brother to Prythian and resides in the Spring Court whilst examining the territory.


A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Brannagh and her brother, alongside Jurian, reside in the Spring Court in the home of their hesitant ally, Tamlin, as emissaries from Hybern.

The twins were extremely close, and Feyre Archeron observed that they had a mutual sexual relationship. The twins tried to penetrate the minds of Tamlin, Lucien Vanserra, and Feyre during dinner at the mansion, but Feyre used her power to create a shield for herself and the others.

During their stay in the Spring Court, the daemati pair examine the weakness of The Wall, as well as the weaknesses of the Spring Court, which is ripe for invading. They poison the inhabitants of the Spring Court with faebane, including Feyre. The twins do not buy Feyre's horrific tale of torture at the hands of Rhysand, and keep a wary eye on her.

As they examined the wall along with Feyre, Lucien, and Jurian, three Children of the Blessed passed nearby. Dagdan and Brannagh wanted to harm mortals, but Feyre shielded them from the power of the twins and they were able to flee. However, later that night, the twins hunted down the mortals and killed them anyway.

Later in the book, when Feyre is on her way back to the Night Court and stops to save Lucien from Ianthe, the twins appear and seek to capture her and return to Hybern with her in tow. Feyre is weakened by the faebane present in an apple that she had eaten a short time before, but with Lucien's help, she manages to defeat them in combat, beheading Brannagh and slaying Dagdan.


Brannagh is attractive in appearance and vacant of all emotion.


Both Brannagh and Dagdan are described by Feyre to be alike their uncle. Brannagh is haughty and cruel, enjoying only the company of her twin brother.


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