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"Sweet-tongued liar, lady of many faces— Yes, you see now, princess of carrion—you see what you must do… The other one. Bring the other one… let us be joined, let us be free."

–The Book of Breathings

The Book of Breathings is a powerful magical item that is said to be able to nullify the Cauldron's magic.


The Book was said to have been created using the last of the molten ore used to forge the Cauldron. In it, written between the carved words, are the spells to negate its power or to control it wholly.

After the War, the Book was split into two pieces. One half of the Book was given to the six Mortal Queens, and the other half was entrusted to the High Fae of the Summer Court. This was part of the Treaty, but purely symbolic, because the Cauldron had been lost for millennia and was considered a mere myth. The Book was believed to be harmless because like calls to like, and only that which was Made can speak the spells in the Book and summon its power. No creature born of the earth can wield it, so the High Lords and humans dismissed it as little more than a historical heirloom.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

The Book of Breathings is first mentioned by the Bone Carver, who tells its history to Feyre and Rhysand when they visit him in the Prison. He is the one who tells them that the half belonging to the Fae is in the Summer Court and protected by blood-spells keyed to the High Lord. The one belonging to the mortal queens uses the Fae to bind it so that if it were ever stolen, the Book would melt into ore and be lost. It must be freely given by a mortal queen, with no trickery or magic involved.

Thought cautioned not to merge them together, Feyre combines both halves of the Book.