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I will grind your bones between my claws; I will drink your marrow; I will feast on your flesh. I am what you fear; I am what you dread... Look at me. Look at me.

–The Bogge, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Bogge (pronounced: Boh-ghi[1]) is a species of lesser faerie who roamed the Courts of Prythian and was in the service of the self-proclaimed High Queen of Prythian, Amarantha. Only a High Lord (or Lady) has the power and strength required to destroy the Bogge; which becomes a real creature once acknowledged.



The Bogge race was fathered by Lanthys at some point. He was one of the First Gods.[2]

When Prythian was under the mercy of Amarantha, she unleashed a series of creatures among the Courts to terrorize their citizens, among them was the Bogge.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

The Bogge appeared on the grounds of the Spring Court when Feyre Archeron and Lucien Vanserra were hunting. Feyre becomes aware of a malevolent presence nearby. She hears the Bogge calling her, but is warned by a scared Lucien not to look at the creature. He tried to convince Feyre to look at him since the Bogge could become real and could kill her, but she did not. After a while, she fights her fear and refuses to acknowledge the Bogge, and it disappears.

Tamlin, after finding out about the Bogge, travels into the forest to hunt it down kill it. He returns successfully but the Bogge bit his hand, which was later attended to by Feyre.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After the Princes of Hybern, Dagdan and Brannagh, murdered three Children of the Blessed on the borders of the Wall even though Feyre had told them not to, she and Lucien sent the Bogge after them, and they managed to flee from him but only after a long time of fighting and terrified screaming.[3]


The appearance of the Bogge is unknown, as it is not real unless looked at. Feyre never looked at it, only heard its voice urging her to look at it so it could kill her.


Like all wicked faeries the Bogge is sadistic and cruel, tricking its victims into acknowledging it so it can kill and eat them.


The Bogge's only weakness appears to be the magic and strength of the High Lords.


  • The Bogge may be linked to the Bogeyman (the word bogeyman is believed to derivate from Middle English bogge), which is a mythical creature said to be a non-specific (it has no set appearance) embodiment of terror. [4]


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