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The Bog of Oorid is a territory within the Middle. Oorid was once a sacred place where warriors were laid to rest but it is now a place of darkness, home to dangerous faerie. It was also the hiding place of the Mask of the Dread Trove.

Geography and Description[]

The Bog of Oorid is part of the Middle that separates the Solar Courts to the north and Seasonal Courts to the south. It has never been properly mapped. It is said that the water there flows to Under the Mountain, and the creatures who live there have long used its waterways to travel through the Middle and even into the surroundings courts.

The bog itself has only grey, watery light instead of true sunlight. The air was heavy, full of slow-running water and the scents of mold and loamy earth. There was no wind to move the oppressive air, which could muffle sound and absorb screams, not letting them echo. Patches of cold mist hovered above the water, which obscured sight. Dead trees, grey with age and weather, jutted like broken lances, some draped with curtains of moss. There were no leaves on their branches, many of which had been cracked off, leaving jagged spears extending from the trunks. Not even a single flower bloomed.

The bog's frigid water was solidly black as if made of ink. It was still and flat like an obsidian mirror. Small islands of grass and dead trees dotted the expense, some too crowded with brambles to set foot on. Under the water, the ground was thick with silt and mud, as well as littered with the weapons and armored bodies of warriors from previous burials.

The bog was devoid of animal life. It lacked both insect and bird life that would break the absolute silence. It was a truly dead place that unnerved even Nesta and made Azriel wince.


Originally, Oorid was a sacred place. Warriors were laid to rest in its waters. That changed for an unknown reason. It was now a place of darkness and is now filled with such evil that no one will venture there, and only the worst faeries are drawn to it.

At some point, the Mask from the Dread Trove was hidden in its waters.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Nesta scried the location of the Mask within the Bog of Oorid and traveled there with Cassian and Azriel to retrieve it. While there, Cassian and Azriel were attacked by Autumn Court soldiers and Nesta was dragged underwater by a kelpie. Now underwater, Nesta was dragged close enough to sense the Mask, which she claimed. She used it to reanimate the bodies of warriors that were laid to rest in the waters and they then killed the kelpie.

Known Inhabitants[]