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There was no crueler place to be born a human—for no humans were born free.

Rhysand - A Court of Mist and Fury

The Black Land was a Faerie kingdom that existed five hundred years before the War.


The Black Land was located in the southern part of the Continent. It was mostly desert, and surrounded a lush river delta.


The Black Land was a kingdom that thrived on slave labor. No human in the Black Land was born free, and they were forced to build temples and palaces for the High Fae who ruled them. Escape was impossible, and freedom could not be purchased.

A half-Fae slave named Miryam was gifted by the Queen of the Black Land to her betrothed, a foreign Fae prince named Drakon, who let Miryam escape and broke off the engagement. Years later towards the end of the War, Miryam marched with Morrigan and Drakon's legions to free the slaves from the Black Land. [1]


  • Laws in the Black Land ignored the rights of Half-Fae and left them as slaves, despite their Fae heritage.