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Lucien didn't look at his father, though he stiffened as the High Lord of the Autumn Court approached Tamlin and extended a clenched hand to him.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Beron Vanserra is one of the seven High Lords of Prythian. He rules over the Autumn Court.



Each Court is ruled by a High Lord. When a High Lord dies, the position is filled by his strongest son, not their firstborn, it is for that reason that in the families of High Lords there are always disputes for power.

In the case of the High Lord of the Autumn Court, he had seven sons, one of whom is named Lucien Vanserra. Lucien fell in love with a lesser faerie. He thought she was not good enough for his son, so he killed her and forced his son to witness it all. Lucien left the Autumn Court and moved to the Spring Court, where he was appointed emissary of the High Lord, Tamlin.

When Amarantha began to frequent the Courts of Prythian after the Treaty with the humans was signed, the Autumn Court was no exception, so their High Lord lost most of his powers and was at her mercy when he was sentenced to live Under the Mountain for forty-nine years until Tamlin found a human who hated Fae with all her heart but could still love him.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

When Feyre successfully finished the third trial put by Amarantha, she became enraged and tried to kill Feyre by breaking all the bones in her body. When Tamlin was freed from the curse thanks to Feyre, all the other Courts did too, so as a sign of gratitude, the High Lord of the Autumn Court, along with the other High Lords, made her a High Fae to save her from dying. He is the first to bestow a piece of magic to turn her into an immortal High Fae.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When Feyre, the High Lady of the Night Court and his son Lucien were fleeing from the Spring Court to get to the Night Court, they had to cross Beron's domain and Beron, upon learning this, sent Eris Vanserra and other two of his sons to capture them and bring them to him, a mission they failed.

Days later, with the impending war against Hybern, Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court sent letters to all the other High Lords, including Beron, to schedule a meeting.

At first Beron did not send news that he was going to attend but according to his eldest son, Eris, if the other High Lords joined forces he would also do it since he would not risk being on the losing side, and that if Hybern took the lead he wouldn't hesitate to switch sides. Because of this Eris requested the support of Rhysand and his court if he murdered his father and took his place.

After several comings and goings, the High Lords agreed to hold the meeting and the event was at the Dawn Court Palace owned by Thesan, the High Lord of the Dawn Court, since it was the closest place to the Middle. The meeting was attended by the seven High Lords with their delegations and after several discussions and altercations they agreed to join forces against Hybern, with the exception of the Autumn Court who left after Feyre showed that when they revived her each of the High Lords gave her a little of their power unknowingly.

Seeing this, Beron was enraged and wanted his powers to be returned to him, something impossible, and after he made accusations against Rhysand and Feyre she almost killed him by enclosing him in a great ball of fire and water.

After leaving he refused to join the other Courts in the battles that ensued and only joined them in the final battle because he was threatened by Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court.

At the end of the War he attended the meeting called by Feyre in the ruins of the Archeron's Estate to renegotiate a New Treaty between Fae and mortals.


The High Lord of the Autumn Court is a tall, slender-faced, handsome brown-haired man.


Lucien Vanserra[]

After learning that his wife had had an affair with Helion, the High Lord of the Day Court, he always had the suspicion that his youngest son, Lucien, was not his biological son, for that he despised him.

At some point, Lucien fell in love with a lesser faerie, Jesminda. Lucien said that he didn't care if she wasn't a High Fae. He was certain the mating bond would snap into place and that he would marry her, leaving the Autumn Court to his selfish, scheming brothers. Angered by this, Beron executed Jesminda in front of Lucien while his two eldest sons held Lucien and made him watch.

After that, Lucien cursed him, abandoned his title, and left the Autumn Court. Beron commanded his other sons to hunt down Lucien after he left the Court and when Eris refused, he locked him up so that he could not help his brother. In some unknown way, he managed to warn Tamlin so that he could help Lucien once he crossed the borders of his Court.

He was given shelter by Tamlin in the Spring Court. Without his title protecting Lucien, three of his brothers decided to kill him to eliminate a strong contender to the crown. Two of his brothers were killed, one at the hands of Tamlin and one at the hands of Lucien himself. The third brother escaped and returned to the Autumn Court.

After the High Lord of the Spring Court named Lucien his emissary, he had few dealings with his youngest, although he had never apologized for what he did to Jesminda.

Lady of the Autumn Court[]

When Beron found out about his wife's affair with Helion, he tortured her and turned her into a shell of what she once was. The methods of torture are not clear, but his wife is described as too thin, pale and subdued. He treats her badly and acts as if she is inferior to him.


  • Due to Lucien being the son of Helion rather than Beron, Beron technically only has four true-born sons remaining.
  • Beron is known to pay his farmers very poorly and so they are desperate for any extra wealth or favor they can receive.
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