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Bellius is an Illyrian warrior and Emerie's cousin.


Early Life[]

Bellius is the son of Proteus's brother thus is Emerie's cousin from her father's side.

Bellius is a skilled warrior-novice, enough so that he got places on a scouting unit to the Continent, and had just returned to Illyria to celebrate that accomplishment when he visits Emerie's shop.[1]

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Nesta Archeron visits Emerie at her shop on one occasion and finds Bellius talking with her. When Nesta enters the shop, Emerie is relieved to see her and tells him that they're done, he replies telling her that they were done when he says so. Nesta notices Bellius is drunk as he slurs his words and tells him that she has an appointment and that he seems to need an appointment with a bath and to get out. Emerie gets nervous and cuts him off telling him that they will discuss the matter later. Bellius replies that his father had sent him to convey a message, he wants Emerie to give him his brother's store. Emerie tells him that her answer is the same as always, the store is hers and if he wants one so badly, he could open his own. Bellius calls her a hateful bitch. Nesta tells him again to leave to which he dares her to do something, and Nesta tells him he doesn't want to find out. He spits onto the floorboards before he leaves staggering into the streets and shooting into the sky.

Bellius was still a young male and warrior-novice due to participate in the Blood Rite that spring. Emerie notices he becomes more and more arrogant in anticipation of becoming a true warrior.

He participates in the Blood Rite and encounters Emerie and Nesta while they were searching for Gwyneth Berdara. He had set up a trap with other Illyrian males using Gwyn's nightgown to lure them out, Emerie demands to know where Gwyn is. Bellius says he doesn't know, that they had found the nightgown a few miles away, and taunts them saying that perhaps another warrior abused her and killed her.

Bellius tells Emerie that she shouldn't have come to the Blood Rite, to which Emerie replies she was brought against her will. Bellius tells her she disgraced her father and their family. Nesta notices his eyes are glassy, she asks him if he is the one who sabotaged the Rite by bringing weapons that are forbidden. She realizes at this moment that Briallyn has used the Crown to influence the Illyrian males into breaking their sacred rules, and that they could have been intercepted on their way back from the Continent, as Bellius had the same glassy eyes at the shop which had been mistaken earlier for being drunk. It is revealed later on that Briallyn intercepted him and used the Crown and Harp on him when he wandered off looking for "fun" away from his scouting unit while in the Continent, and Briallyn had him feed her information about Nesta.

Bellius tells Emerie she cannot let her leave the Rite alive as their family would never recover from the shame. When he is about to attack them blood suddenly splatters across the side of his face as the guts of one of his cronies spills onto the snow before him. A creature of nightmares has crawled over the ridge and had sliced open the abdomen of a warrior in a single swipe, Bellius readies his sword as the rest of the warriors get ready to fight as well. Nesta and Emerie take advantage of this to run as the warriors fight the creature. Gwyn's voice calls them from the other side of the ridge and they reunite and flee together.

Four days later Bellius and six other warriors encounter the girls again when they were climbing Ramiel. As the males are closing in Nesta realizes the only way for her friends to reach the onyx monolith is for her to hold the males at the Pass of Enalius so they can climb to the top. She does so and faces the six males killing them, fighting Bellius last.

Bellius tells Nesta he never wanted to win the Rite, he just wanted to face her and kill her. He and Nesta spar with sword and shield for a while before moving to hand-to-hand combat. As he was about to slit Nesta's throat with a knife he had hidden in his boot, Cassian arrives and slits Bellius's throat killing him while under Briallyn's control.

The official story of his death told to the family to spare Emerie of problems was that Bellius fell in combat when one of his fellow warriors turned on him during the hike up Ramiel's slopes.


Bellius is a young-looking Illyrian male with broad shoulders. He is blandly handsome with dark hair that he keeps tied back at the nape of his neck, and glassy brown eyes. He wears two Siphons a blue darker than Azriel's on the backs of his large hands


Emerie describes him as arrogant and an idiot.


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