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“Oh, it was awful,” Elain said. “Their house burned down, and everyone died. Well, they couldn’t find Clare’s body, but …” She looked down at her plate. “It happened in the dead of night—the family, their servants, everyone. The day before you came home to us, actually.”

Elain Archeron to Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

This house belonged to the Beddor family.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

The Beddors were a family of mortals who lived near Feyre's Village where the Archeron family moved after falling from grace.

Nesta Archeron became close friends with Clare Beddor, a member of the family, and they both walked around the village to see the boys, especially Tomas Mandray, with whom Nesta was in love.

After Feyre Archeron was brought to the Spring Court of Prythian by the High Lord, Tamlin. She was found there by Rhysand during a surprise visit. He is the High Lord of the Night Court and the unwilling lover of Amarantha, the self-proclaimed High Queen of Prythian. He asked Feyre what her name was and she lied saying her name was Clare Beddor thinking it was something of no consequence, but later, when she returned to her family and found out that Tamlin had returned them to their old social position, she found from her father during breakfast that he was thinking of buying the Beddor land, since a fire had wiped out the property and killed the family.

It turns out that Rhysand told Amarantha about his encounter with Feyre, but thinking her name was Clare Beddor, the real Beddor's family paid the consequences and Clare herself was tortured and killed in Under the Mountain, where her naked body was nailed to a wall.

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