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A brisk wind ruffled Balthazar’s dark hair as he walked away.

A Court of Silver Flames

Balthazar is an Illyrian male who participated in the Illyrian Blood Rite. He helps Nesta Archeron in finding shelter for herself and Emerie.


Balthazar is an Illyrian who partook in the Blood Rite. He was trying to get to Ramiel by taking the less traveled path when he came upon Nesta trying to find a hidden cave to spend the night in. He showed her where the entrance was, offered to share the cave with her for the night, swore not to hurt her or Emerie, helped carry Emerie in, and proceeded to take first watch. When dawn came, he wished Nesta good luck, and does not appear in the book again.


He is not like most Illyrians. Balthazar is smart, and he focuses on his goals. He told Nesta that he wanted to avoid any conflict with the other Illyrians as much as he can, so he decided to take the less traveled path to Ramiel, and he figured out how Nesta got the clothes she was wearing. He does say, though, that if he meets somebody he'd like to kill then he won't hesitate.

Physical Appearance[]

He is described as having a boyishly charming face. He has brown eyes and dark black hair.


Nesta Archeron[]

Balthazar meets Nesta at the end of the first day in the Blood Rite. Even though he can see what state Nesta is in, he didn't try to take advantage of her like most of the other Illyrians on the mountain would. Instead, he helps her find the hidden cave entrance she was looking for and offers to share the cave with Nesta and her friend, Emerie, through the night, and swears an oath not to harm her or Emerie. He gives her advice about the beasts outside the cave. The next morning, he parts ways with her and wishes her good luck.



  • It is implied that Balthazar has an interest in politics.