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Though you have a heart of stone, Tamlin, you certainly keep a host of fear inside it.

–The Attor to Tamlin, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Attor (pronounced: At-tor[1]) was an evil Faerie in the service of Amarantha. He was killed by Feyre Archeron.


When Prythian was taken over by Amarantha, a host of dark faeries were released to roam the Courts. The Attor was among them.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

The Attor was sent by Amarantha to the Spring Court to remind Tamlin that the time given for him to find a mortal girl with hatred toward the Fae and convince her to love him was coming to an end.

When Tamlin felt the presence of the Attor he threw a glamour on Feyre so that the monster could not see, smell, or hear her.[2] He let Feyre stay with the hope that when she heard the Attor mention his "heart of stone," she would figure out what was really happening in Prythian, as Tamlin was unable to tell her himself due to Amarantha's curse.

After Tamlin and the Spring Court were taken Under the Mountain, Feyre snuck down a secret path to Amarantha's court from the Spring Court. She was found by the Attor who brought her before Amarantha, and after she agreed to the three trials to save Tamlin and all of Prythian, the Attor and other subjects of Amarantha beat her brutally, leaving several wounds and a fractured nose.[3]

After Tamlin killed Amarantha, the Attor fled.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

The Attor fled to Hybern to meet the King of Hybern and delivered the finger and eye of Jurian, which Amarantha had placed part of his soul into. Using the Cauldron, the King resurrected Jurian and planned to tear down the Wall and re-conquer the Mortal Lands.

While Feyre was practicing in a forest near her family's estate in the Mortal Lands, the Attor ambushed her and attempted to take her to Hybern on the King's orders. He was captured by Rhysand and Azriel.

Azriel took him to the Court of Nightmares where he was interrogated. After he revealed all of his secrets, he was beaten, his wings crushed, and he was left on the coast of Hybern as a message.

After the Mortal Queens realized that their half of the Book of Breathings had been delivered to Rhysand and his Inner Circle, they allied themselves with Jurian and the King of Hybern and told them about Velaris. The King then sent a legion of faeries similar to and led by the Attor to attack the city. There they attacked citizens but were stopped by Cassian, Azriel, Amren, and Feyre.

The Attor killed the Mortal Queen who gave the Night Court the other half of the Book of Breathings, and when he tried to flee, Feyre held on to him and was carried into the air. Feyre held tightly onto his body and began to burn, thanks to the power transmitted to her by Beron, the High Lord of the Autumn Court. The Attor's flesh was consumed and burned off his bones, and when he begged Feyre not to kill him, she took a dagger and stabbed him in the ribs three times: once for Rhysand, another for Clare Beddor, and another for herself. Feyre then released him, and allowed him to fall to the ground and to his death. After his death, Feyre was known as the Defender of the Rainbow.

A Court of Wings and Ruin []

When Feyre and Cassian went to the Prison to try to convince the Bone Carver to join them in the war against Hybern, they brought him a bone from the Attor as a gift, saying that it was all that was left of him after he was killed attacking Velaris.

Later Jurian confessed that after the mortal queens realized that Demetra, the golden queen, had given their half of the Book of Breathings to Rhysand and Feyre, she was handed over to the Attor so he could torture and kill her.


The Attor was a towering figure with large, leathery wings, clawed hands, and sharp silver fangs.

According to Feyre it had a voice like "shifting sand," low and disembodied.


The Attor was a cruel and vindictive faerie who delighted in torturing humans and other faeries. He was also a coward, as he begged Feyre for his life before she killed him.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flight: The Attor was capable of flight.



The Attor was loyal to Amarantha since she allowed him to carry out heinous acts and torment other Fae.



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