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Ataraxia is a magic sword created by Nesta Archeron. One out of the three objects Nesta produced with her power; a dagger, another sword, and Ataraxia.


The sword is simple and made of steel that seems to glow.[1]


A Court of Silver Flames[]

Cassian had taken Nesta to a blacksmith in Velaris so she could learn how weapons were made, the hard work that came with creating them, and thus appreciate them before actually wielding them. Nesta created the magic sword unknowingly while practicing hammering at the metal for a while infusing it with her power of silver flames while she made them.

Later on, the sword was used to slay Lanthys, a creature that was truly immortal.[1]

House of Flame and Shadow[]

Nesta used the long sword to kill the Middengard Wyrm when Bryce Quinlan set a trap for Azriel and Nesta.


  • The name Ataraxia means "Inner Peace" in the Old Language, a language no one has spoken in fifteen thousand years in Prythian.[1]