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But it was the ash wood that made their immortal, healing magic falter long enough for a human to make a killing blow.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The ash wood is a kind of wood from the mountain ash tree that is the only material that can prevent a faerie from healing.


Human legends claim that ash wood prevents faeries from healing themselves, giving humans a chance to kill them. It turns out that only this legend about the faeries is true, as it is also believed that they hate iron, which is not correct, and it is also believed that they can not lie, which is also not correct.


  • During the War between the Fae and the mortals in Prythian when the latter sought their independence from slavery, the leader of the mortal armies, Jurian, was furious that his ex-lover, Miryam, had gone off with a Fae prince, Drakon, and thus seduced a general of the Hybern army, Clythia, and after he got all the information he needed, he crucified her with ash wood and left her remains where her sister Amarantha could find them.
  • Feyre Archeron used an ash arrow to kill a wolf, who turned out to be a Fae named Andras.
  • The armies of the King of Hybern used ash arrows mixed with a poison called faebane during the war and to attack Rhysand and members of his Inner Circle.
  • Ash arrows are used by Ianthe and soldiers of Hybern to assassinate the Suriel.
  • Cassian tricked Lanthys into trapping himself in a mirror bound with ash wood in order to imprison him at the Prison.

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