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My father was called the Prince of Merchants. But that title, which he'd inherited from his father, and his father before that, was a lie. We were just a good name that masked three generations of bad debts.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Archeron family is a mortal family who originally lived in a mortal village south of the Wall.


The Archerons were originally a very wealthy merchant family, until they started incurring debts that were then passed down through the family for three generations. In an effort to finally pay off the debts, the latest "Prince of Merchants"—Feyre Archeron's father—took a risk and amassed his family's wealth on three ships to sail to Bharat for spices and cloth. The wealth was all lost when the ships sank en route to Bharat, as Mr. Archeron had opted to send the ships directly there instead of taking the longer and safer way.

After news of the sinking arrived creditors descended upon the Archeron family and took everything they had, leaving Mr. Archeron only enough to purchase a small cottage, in addition to wrecking one of his legs and leaving him crippled. He and his three daughters managed to survive for three more years before their remaining money ran out, and his youngest daughter, Feyre, was forced to hunt in the nearby forest to keep them all alive.

Five years later the family's wealth and status was restored when the High Lord Tamlin magically made all three of the sunken ships reappear laden with wealth. This allowed the Archerons to purchase an estate and servants, and Mr. Archeron began traveling.

After Nesta and Elain Archeron were turned into High Fae, the Archeron family then moved to Prythian for their protection, and fought against Hybern. Mr. Archeron was later killed by the King of Hybern, and his daughters chose to remain in Prythian, leaving the future of the family uncertain.

Family tree[]

Mr. Archeron
Mrs. Archeron
Aunt Ripleigh [note 1]
Nesta Archeron
Elain Archeron
Feyre Archeron
  1. Alleged aunt, possibly made up by Tamlin.